“Hostinger hosting: My Thoughts”

“I have been using Hostinger hosting for a while now. Purchased a plan because I needed a cheap secondary hosting service and found a good Hostinger review online. Have to admit, however, that this company is starting to really impress me.


First of all, the price is really good. It’s $2.15 a month for 10GB of disk space is great. If that’s not good enough, you can upgrade to unlimited space for $3.49 and they will give you a free domain name as well. The speeds are good, the support is 24/7 and everything works like in a solid AAA company.


This really made me think. How many great companies are there, that no one really knows of? I feel like I accidentally found a hidden treasure.


Is it the same with everything?


Are there Internet providers that are way better and cheaper than the big corporations but you never hear of them? What about phones, headphones, computers? Hostinger hosting has been a revelation and it made me want to discover some more great deals no one really knows of.”