is selling genuine windows product key illegal?

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but I need some help. I have access to genuine windows product keys, and I wanted to set up a website to sell them. However one of my friends advised me not to do it as I will need to have a license to sell, if not I will be sent to jail if I’m caught. Is it true that I can’t sell them on website even if they are legitimate? My supplier has the license though.

crypto aff is hot way to make money

a lot of people fail to understand that right now crypto affiliate is the hot way to make money. Haven’t you noticed that everyone and everyone’s dad and mom are jumping into this crypto train looking to buy coins for thousands of US$$$? People that are not even tech savyy are looking to invest they’re money and lifesavings into crypto in hopes that it will skyrocket to the moon and make them next bitcoin or other crypto currency millionaire in next few years… The truth is that most of…

crypto aff is hot way to make money

YT search volume

Hi, signed up with VidIQ pro to check search volumes. Seems useless to me since the results vary that much. Within a few seconds it jumps from 2k to 200k and back to 10k. Anybody got an idea where this comes from or even better an idea for a better too…

Can amazon used as dropshiping

I researched few products and found one winning product that I think i can sell via FB advertisement.

But the issue is those products are not available on aliexpress. But readily available on Amazon. So can i dropship from amazon ? But this going to b…

Hello BHW, Rahul Here

Hello all,

I am Rahul, I’m here for making some more friends who have very good knowledge in SEO and Digital Marketing works on this journey.

Hope I will enjoy my stay here.

Thank you.