Yudh – Astitvachi Ladai Marathi Movie Trailer Download, MP3, Song, DVDRip, Torrent

Yudh – Astitvachi Ladai Marathi Movie 2015, Trailer Download, MP3, Song, DVDRip Download Torrent

‘युद्ध’ अस्तित्वाची लढाई – मराठी सिनेमा २०१५

Yudh – Astitvachi Ladai Marathi Movies 

Starring : Rajesh Shringarpure as Guru Nayak, Tejaswini Pandit as Ragini, Kranti Redkar as Dr. Sarangi, Pankaj Vishnu as Ujjwal, Varsha Usgaonkar, Smita Oak, Sanjay Kulkarni, Somnath Tadwalkar, Sheetal Mantri

Producer : Shekhar  Gijare

Directer : Rajiv  S. Ruia

Singers : Adarsh Shinde, Swati Sharma, Pratap and Dev Negi

Story : Shekhar  Gijare

Screenplay : Prakash Kadam

Music :  Vivek Kar

Lyrics : Jaffer Sagar

Dialogues : Abhijeet Gadgil

Yudh-Astitvachi Ladai Official Trailer, Kranti Redkar, Tejaswini Pandit

Chal Door Door, Yudh-Astitvachi Ladai, Tejaswini Pandit  and Rajesh Shringarpure

Deva Ganesha, Yudh – Astitvachi Ladai, Adarsh Shinde, Dev Negi and Pratap, Kranti Redkar

The movie revolves around the burning issue of corruption. Set in Maharashtra, the film revolves around the fearless reporter Ragini Dev, a spirited journalist who in spite of the foremost ugly and bitter expertise of her life, has the guts to fight against all odds. throughout her struggle, Ragini meets a self-willed and principled inspector Guru Nayak who is feared by all the dreaded criminals. along they attack the corrupt system.

The music for associate upcoming marathi film “Yudh- Astitvachi  Ladai” was launched at a fun filled event in Mumbai. Producer Shekhar Gijare and Directed Rajiv S Ruia who are present along side the star cast and also the crew. Bollywood Actor Rajneesh Duggal took time from his busy schedule to attend the music launch of the marathi film. Producer of the film Shekhar Gijare said, “It’s an excellent moment on behalf of me to own all the celebrities at the launch of music because the music of the picture show reflects on the lifetime of the youth which inspires them to fight against system.”

Rajneesh Duggal said, “Marathi industry is growing very fast and that i am lucky that i’m a part of this great music launch. i’m very glad to be here for this music launch because it brings me to close to the marathi culture”. Director Rajiv S Ruia who is previously been directing hindi movies is currently debuting within the marathi cinema. He said, “Making aMarathi film is a dream return true for me and nowadays I even have fulfilled it and that i am currently a part of marathi industry.”

Yudh Music is given by Vivek Kar that truly describes the fearlessness and boldness of the lead the ‘dhol’ beats that adds to the grandeur of the song. The composition introduces the lead protagonist through some trademark zesty and feisty beats are extensively used throughout the song at the side of synthesizers. lyricist Jaffer Sagar  has done a superb job. It was dhamaal, masti and fun time as actors Sanjay Jadhav, Rajesh Shringarpure, Tejaswani Pandit, Kranti Redkhar, Varsha Usgaokar and Rajneesh Duggal at the music release party. 

It is said that fighting against a corrupt system is nearly an impossible task for an individual. But if a high-principled person decides to require it as mission, the tyrant system has to bow down, Bollywood films has always portray the ordeals of the common man who should bear the force of rampant corruption within the system.

One of the core and irreplaceable part of Bollywood female presence of feminine actors. Their attending has nowadays taken the industry to a completely different level. Now it looks that girls | the ladies} have additional a feather a lot of on their caps by doing associate women oriented movies. Actresses who were face of beauty and attraction in the film industry have nowadays joined the bandwagon to fight injustice.

The trailer of marathi film ‘’Yudh- Astitvachi  Ladai” produced by Shekhar Gijare and Directed by Rajiv S Ruia was released worldwide today with superb action, offering a sensible and timely subject “A Fight Against System”. Apart from the jaw breaking action, the picture show revolves round the burning issue of corruption. in the backdrop of Maharashtra, the film revolves round the fearless reporter Ragini Dev who a fearless and actually spirited journalist who in spite of gruesome ugly and bitter expertise of her life, has the guts to fight against all odds, throughout her struggle, ragini meets a headstrong and principled inspector ‘ guru nayak’ who is feared by all the direful criminals Inspector played by Mr. Rajesh Shringarpure who fights against injustice and prejudice.

The picture show stand apart as they mirror the state of things in society and politics. The film is looking a treat for all fans for packed with duty action scenes. The trailer is packed with stunts, romance, comedy and a few heavy duty dialogues. On the lighter side Tejaswini Pandit looks very fresh and adds the much needed part to the intense drama. Actors Kranti Redkar, Pankaj vishnu and Varsha Usgaonkar also will be seen in lead. The theme of all of them strike the same chord: working people who take a stand and fight back against a system that serves everyone’s interests however theirs. “Yudh – Astitvachi Ladai” is all about “A Fight Against System”.

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Yudh Astitvachi Ladai

Marathi Mp3 Songs, Marathi Movie Songs

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