████ YouTube Views: High Speed, High Retention, Super Safe- CRAZY GUARANTEES!!████

Who are you?

We’re one of the oldest social media service providers in the industry. We started in 2011 before social media services became the next big craze and everyone started selling similar services. Our services were well regarded and personally reviewed by the late BHW administrator Pofecker and dozens of other highly reputable members. See the old thread here. We’re now back again and intend to heavily compete in the YouTube views space!

What are you offering?

Short version: views for your video. These views will not only provide social proof to your viewers but will boost your visibility and exposure internally on YouTube and externally through the search engine. It’s one of the most effective YouTube promotional tactics in the book. Let’s get down to the list of service features!

High Quality, 70-90% audience retention and watch time.
– Speeds ranging from 3k-10k views daily. (And “turbo” speeds available for huge orders!)
SUPER HIGH stick rates. Our views STAY. And if they don’t, our crazy guarantees have got you covered! (see FAQs and guarantee sections)
Safety first. Video deleted because of us = INSTANT REFUND. (read terms)
Crazy cheap for the quality you get.
– Views will come from all over the world (no geo-targeting available at this time)
– We can deliver an almost unlimited number of views to any video.
Lightning fast start times: You should start seeing your views climbing 24-72 hours after your order!
SPLIT the views to as many videos as you like as long the minimum per video is 1,000 views!
– Works flawlessly with unlisted videos.
– We can handle hundreds of videos per day without even blinking!
– Refunds go straight to your PayPal account, not “credit in panel”.
Unparalleled support. We’ve got your back even when it isn’t our fault (see FAQ).
– Our views blast through the 301+ views plateau without breaking a sweat.
Generous refund and compensation policies, we stand behind our services!
– Unlike most other sellers, we actually USE our own services for our projects!

Services & Packages

We currently offer one type of views with the properties mentioned above. Price quotes below are for the regular speeds of 5-10k per day. For the “turbo” speeds (available only for orders above 100k), please get in touch.

When splitting views between videos please note that the minimum per video is 1,000 views and only multiple of 1,000 views is accepted. Meaning, you cannot place an order for 1,300 or 1,500 views. Just 1000,2000,3000,4000…etc.

Order Process

1. Click “click to buy” on any of the packages above and complete your payment.
2. Fill in this form with your order details.
3. Expect your views to start climbing in 48-72 hours.
4. Fastest support channel is email: ytpromobhw /at/ gmail /dotcom/. PMs and thread replies are a lot slower so this is the recommended way. For chat, you can add me on skype: bhw-youssef93. 😀

Compensation & Refunds

Our compensation and refund policies are simply the most daring throughout the whole industry. For a full 30 days after your order, if your views drop, we will compensate by adding them back. When we compensate, you automatically get ANOTHER 30 day guarantee. Something none of our competitors even dare doing. Not only that, but if the views drop THREE times, we do not send you into an endless loop of “sure, we’ll add them back” until you just give up and stop asking, we simply give you your money back.

Other occasions where we provide a refunds include if your video gets deleted BECAUSE OF US. To prevent abuse, do note that we reserve the full right to ask for all the evidence we need if a refund is claimed based on this point. We also obviously provide refunds if the service is not delivered. Otherwise, no refunds will be given, but we do reserve the right to provide full/partial refunds as we see fit on a case by case basis. While others scramble to escape responsibility citing the volatility of the industry as an excuse, we do not.

Testimonials / Reviews
(Take My Word for it? Na!)

Reviews below were given out right before thread launch and will be confirmed shortly by members reposting them themselves once they are notified that the thread went live.

Important Disclaimer: Please note that reviewers below were given a free test drive of the service in exchange for their reviews. That said, by no means did we interfere in any way, shape or form with the language or content of the reviews, nor did we ask for a "positive" review as a prerequisite to these members receiving their review copies. Views expressed by the reviews are completely their own.


Originally Posted by MisterF, Jr. VIP
great service provided. Quickly delivered, over delivery on total ordered and most importantly there have been zero drops 24 hours later. Highly recommended provider.


Originally Posted by calmly69, Jr. VIP
"I have recently started doing some Youtube SEO and found out the besides having back links it helps to have some decent no of views and subscribers on the video and channel.
I was lucky to get the 5k review copy from Youssef.
Communication with him was good and TAT was excellent. Also, he delivered more views than what I had asked for.
Overall, this is one of the quality services you should keep an eye out for if you want to purchase YT Views."


Originally Posted by ajithrocksca, Jr. VIP
Super fast service, over delivered. I waited for 24 hours to post this review, to monitor the retention%, not a single view dropped until now. One of the best youtube service there is. Thoroughly satisfied, and I highly recommend this service.


Originally Posted by bosmolskate, Jr. VIP
Great service. The communication was excellent and all the views came in a timely manner. Definitely worth using.


Originally Posted by onelettershor, Jr. VIP
I got 5k views split between two videos and they seem to stay. One time I got views that banned my video (not from this seller) and this time nothing happened to my accounts so it looks like it’s very safe! I would highly recommend and once this thread launches I will be buying the views myself 🙂


Originally Posted by xlcrash, Jr. VIP
I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to test this service and I must say that I’m pretty impressed with the quality, speed and communication. Before I purchased YT views from many providers, some were better, some worse but now I think I found my provider for YT views… And let’s not forget that OP over delivered views just in case… Highly recommended service!!!


Originally Posted by ambitious12, Jr. VIP
"Amazing service,plus op provided me bonus views too.


Originally Posted by Rank 360, Jr. VIP
"Amazing YT service. I got a review copy of 1000 high retention views.

Current views: 6,016
OP delivered: 9000+

Great communication. I recommend this to all.
Overall rating: 4.5/5


Originally Posted by cdn_craigs, Jr. VIP
Excellent service – over delivered and all are real views!


Originally Posted by amin99
Youssef93 was kind enough to give me a 2,000 Youtube review Package.

Starting views: 12
Ordered views: 2,000
Current views: 4,944
My video is ranked well and now started getting real traffic.

Great Service, Highly recommended."


Originally Posted by Zzzzz….
Got my 2000 views review copy smoothly. Seller also over-delivered. Views are 50-70% retention and I am really happy with the result. Recommended.


Originally Posted by nincyface
I got a review copy of 2000 youtube video views, and youssef delivered over 5000 in a small period of time. This service is exactly what it says, with a friendly and swift service. Couldn’t ask for more.


[Please read: 99.9% of the answers you’re looking for are here!]

> There are others providing this same service here, why you?

– Glad you asked. Not only are we giving you all the details about our service, providing great speed, price and safety but we also stand behind our services 100%, offering compensation and refund guarantees that are unmatched by anyone else. When everyone else is screaming “We’re not responsible! We’re not responsible!” because of the nature of this volatile industry, we aren’t. We know what we provide inside out, do they? Many sellers are simply middlemen that have no actual knowledge or idea about what they’re selling. If you’re a high volume reseller, we even got your back when things go wrong on YOUR side, not just ours.

> Can I customize country/referrers/speed/Retention level and other view properties?

We’ve been vigorously testing everything to ensure we’ve got the optimum settings for maximum visibility and safety for your video. Currently we offer only two speeds. One that is roughly between 3k to 10k views daily, and another that can deliver 100K views or more daily for huge orders. Other than that, the service is currently provided “as is” with no other options for customization at this time. And trust us when we tell you, you don’t need them.

> Most sellers provide an “all-in-one” social media services solution. You’re doing just views? Why?

– Let’s get something straight first. No one provider has the capability to provide ALL these services. What actually happens most of the time is that they provide a couple of services “in-house” and outsource the rest of the services. This again degrades quality and causes inconsistences in the level of services provided due to the involvement of a lot of third parties. While we are preparing to launch a couple of other services soon, we will not launch anything that we can’t stand behind 100%. That is why we prefer to provide limited services that we can take full responsibility for, rather than a lot of services that we can’t.

> Can I use Adsense/Monetization with your service?

– We’ve had clients use monetization on some videos with no issues. HOWEVER, we do not recommend it. If you do so, do it at your own risk.

> Can this service work with unlisted videos?

– Yup, works flawlessly. However, we do not accept any other kind of restrictions including geo, age, embed…etc.

> You say this is a volatile industry yet you offer all these guarantees, contradiction?

– Not at all. This is a volatile industry indeed and things go wrong all the time. However, we’ve tried to give you yet another “added value” by mitigating most of the risk and volatility of the industry to our side.

> What do you mean you’ve got my back even if it isn’t your fault?

– This is mainly geared towards people who would like to resell our service to their high-end clients in high volumes. If you mess up and your client isn’t happy for any reason, we do our best to compensate. In other words, we’re with you in the same boat and we do not hang you out to dry just because “your client, your problem”.


– Please never order from a competitor at the same time as ordering from us.

– If you’ve ordered from someone else before us, this voids our money-back guarantee.

– We reserve the right to ask for any and all evidence that proves that the video was deleted because of us before issuing a refund. Videos deleted due to copyright claims, flagging by competitors, illegal niches…etc are not eligible for refunds.

– Orders that are confirmed (even if not started yet) cannot be modified or stopped.

– Please leave your video settings untouched till your order completes. (Do not change visibility, restrictions, monetization..etc).

– Please remove any kind of restrictions on the video before sending us the order. We cannot work with videos having geo restrictions, age restrictions, embed restrictions or otherwise. The only restriction we allow is the video to be unlisted.

– Please understand that is a highly volatile industry that changes every day. Orders may be delayed or cancelled for reasons beyond our control. In these events we ask for your patience and trust that we will make things right for you.

– We can currently only work with 100% family-friendly videos.

– We reserve the right to reject any order and refund you without explanation.

– Chargebacks/Disputes will instantly put you on our blacklist and have you reported/shitlisted for fraud. If something is wrong with your order, we go above and beyond to make it right. All you have to do is ask.

– By placing any order with us you explicitly agree to all the above terms.