Created Automated – Software Developer

Hey guys whats up?

Decided I would finally sign up here and see what the fuss is about. I’m a professional software developer with 9 years experience in programming and the reverse engineering field specializing in automation/bot development.

Not sure about these anchors. Are they affecting my rankings?

So, i have been building couple of sites for more than a year and I’m struggling with the link building part from quite some time now. This post is regarding one such site, the domain is 2 years old and it has more than 100k words of content with long articles, pillar pages, etc following the Silo structure.

I had made some link building package purchases from the marketplace apart from improving the site’s silo structure and onpage. Now, few days ago I discovered some weird looking anchor…

Not sure about these anchors. Are they affecting my rankings?

China Brooker

Hi all

I have a dream . I want to be a Brooker in E-commerce. I want to be the direct link or middle man between wholesale clients and sellers. But how ?

I have an idea . I want to go to China and set up good relationship with manufacturers and…

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