IG for Digital Solutions?

I think that Instagram is a good platform for business.

Do you think it is just limited to what people want in general, like food and clothes? Would digital solutions such as web design and content writing get a good traffic? I’d appreciate your comments.



Need advice on ecommerce site

Hello guys .I got dealership for selling products online ranging from electronics to clothing etc. So im confused about woocommerce or using fb shop and integrating in my site .Which do you think is best ?

Migration from Drupal to WP

Hi Guys,

We are looking at migrating our site from Drupal to Wordpress and bring the use from that in house.

I have developed a sub domain and installed wordpress and had begun developing the new site to transfer over.
But now our developer team i…

Ranking for competitors brand name


We had a discussion about ranking on competitors brand name. We have created pages about our closest competitors and written (pretty) unbiased articles about them.

The discussion is how to successfully rank for their brand names. My take is th…


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zygenx You should consistently integrate

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zygenx You should consistently integrate

Youtube Channel and Facebook Pages


I regularly come across Youtube channels and Facebook pages for sale and am looking for buyers. If you’re interested in either of these with a significant following already in place, send me a PM.