[FREE] Email Validator – Validate if your emails list works

After YellowPages Scraper i decide to create an Email Validator that check if domain is alive and has a valid dns MX record. Works well for me. Hope it works for you too! Here’s the screenshot:


VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/e…73ef45de0ad427940fd590e69b6e6003752/detection

Download: http://www108.zippyshare.com/v/UO5awfOj/file.html

ibl0x is a scammer. Job done, not paid for it

Recently, I saw a thread from this guy :
He had a journey about Bing ads, so I contacted him to ask him if he needed my help as a landing page designer. He answerd by the affirmative :

So I sent h…

What is bitcoins?

I’ve heard many people telling me to buy bitcoins and sell them for more later? How is this possible, and what even is bitcoins?

Edit: i know its a cryptocurrency/digital currency, but im just wondering how you can buy bitcoins and then sell them for more later?

Hello everyone


Stumbled on this site while looking for multi forum poster, is that software still being used? I’ll probably find out by looking through the forum. I’ll also be needing help with making money using smartphone.

Hoping to have a long and prosperous journey with all the members here.

FL Instagram automated posting help

I know most users here are unhappy with Followliker and don’t use it anymore but if anyone is still using it or remembers how to troubleshoot some problems I’d greatly appreciate the help. I’m running two seperate projects, one for liking, following, and commenting and the other for strictly posting. On my posting project I have two accounts loaded with the exact same settings. 1-1 share limit 3-4 daily share limit 1-2 second delay share and 180-240 minute automation interval. Both accounts…

FL Instagram automated posting help

Hello everybody…

New member here. Want to learn about CPA.
But my financial situation isn’t good enough right now.
So I planned to give “Virtual Assistant” service as well.
So wish me luck :)