Tumblr or IG?

Hi there.
I just thought of niche based tumblr pages, if i kinda scale up and get people on my page can i get a usefull traffic from that for cpa stuff?
Is a tumblr still a thing?

Or better use IG for cpa?

Followliker 9.8.4

Is anyone else having issues with FL on latest build?

I keep getting error unable to retrieve user data

I’m not banned or anything and user info is correct.

Omg Guys!

So, i was desperate to find any money making methods, i took and did like 4-5 methods, workin on them now too.

I failed several times.
Got accounts banned.
Spent a few bucks and withou succes.

And damn guys, the KEY IS PATIENTE!!!!!

Really thankful …

[REVIEWERS] – 5 Free Review copies on guest posting service

Hi all,

Happy New Year in advance!

I would like to offer free review copy for all who write a detailed review about our guest posting service on marketplace. Offer is 1 free post for 5 members in the exchange of review.

Post here if you are eligible for following,

– Posts count would be above 100.
– Not will be a service provider in marketplace.
– Will be able to write a detailed review once receive the link.

I will contact the selected members through PM. Please don’t pm me, just post…

[REVIEWERS] – 5 Free Review copies on guest posting service

[Ask] How To Create SMM Panel ?


How to build SMM Panel for my own use ? and how to sent thousands view to my youtube video ?

I dont understand with this system and hope someone tell me how it work!

Thanks bro, sorry my bad english

Got a Problem With a New Private Proxy,

So I just set up a new private proxy and when I did a google search with it I got a page saying Google has detected unusual activity on this network. So I’ve had lots of proxies in the past and never had this before.

Could this mean that it’s a shared proxy and the seller is selling it as a private proxy?