POWERFUL Backlinks Paid – Here’s a List – How to?

Hey guys,

A new competitor of mine has been SKYROCKETING his rankings. His website started getting backlinks 7 months ago and for the past 5 month it’s been ranking #1 for highly competitive keywords.

I had a look at his backlink profile and the majority of them comes from eastern-european-language websites (on .com, .lv, .ro-domains). They have really high metrics and seem to be really powerful.

All his links has good anchor texts and they appear in the content/article. Looks like…

POWERFUL Backlinks Paid – Here’s a List – How to?

Can Powerful GSA software outrank wikipedia?

I have heard about this software. I have a tough keyword as some have told me. So I would use virgin private proxies and some content from wicked creator. Is it possible? Can I outrank sites like Wikipedia/Forbes/ entrepreneur.com?

Instagram and Twitter for former college athlete journey


I will have to manage the network accounts of a former French university athlete who plays in the United States in college football.

I have to manage Twitter and Instagram. The goal is to get 180K followers for each network with 70% French follower and 30% American. (That’s real)

I am a little lost with everything here, I read a lot of things on the beautiful forum. But I can not understand everything ..

Can someone advise me on how to do that?