The tale of Crystal Clear – Troll Analysis

About a month ago a friend had a retard add him from BHW.

This retard wanted to hack, my friend told me about this person and @Neon also.

The retard added us, the boy wanted to hack. For the past month I have been trolling him to an extremely high gold medal winning level, here are the highlights. But if you want the entire chat log it’s available here….​

The tale of Crystal Clear – Troll Analysis

{Job} Hiring A Graphics Designer For Banner Ad

I need some stunning ads that will get clicks. PNG and animated gifs. If you’re good at this, please bump this thread and send me a message on skype: th3d0ct0r001

We all know the general pricing for banners. That’s what I’ll be paying. Please link me examples of your work if you have any.

How much did u make from FIGHT OF THE YEAR?

So boyz, the fight ended few minutes ago, Mayweather is official winner (poor Conan :sob.

The question is, how much did u put in the pocket off this fight?

Anything matters: fake stream + CPA, bets, ebooks on how to get free tickets (lol ) , etc.


Forum poster required (minimal work)

Looking for someone who can write HQ forum posts for high rates. Especially looking for people educated in economics, cryptocurrencies, trading, web businesses, etc.

I won’t expect many new threads – thread replies are fine – so creativity is not required.

Notice: I will be making profit off of this.

Rate will either be a constant value that will gradually rise as you spend more time writing for me, or can be a high percentage of what I earn — I’m completely transparent…

Forum poster required (minimal work)

If one of my YouTube accounts linked to Adsense is banned, does my adsense get banned also

I have been looking for this answer everywhere and can’t seem to find a clear answer anywhere. My question is, if I had like 20 YouTube accounts where I uploaded youtube videos and had them all connected to Adsense monetizing the videos and then one of my accounts gets banned for having 3 copyright strikes or anything else, does my Adsense account then get banned? I don’t want to have all of my 20 accounts useless that are all linked to my Adsense if one gets banned and my whole Adsense…

If one of my YouTube accounts linked to Adsense is banned, does my adsense get banned also

My Twitter Journey To A Steady Income

Hey guys,

For this journey my goal is to build a steady income of at least $5,000 a month. if i can achieve this goal for a few months straight ill leave my job as a correction officer.​

My motivation
I currently work in the most well known jail in the United States if not the world. I see and deal with things that you could never possibly imagine. At the age of 24 I never in a millions years would have thought I’d be working in a…​

My Twitter Journey To A Steady Income