rank a site that I copied with Winhttrack?


I am planning a total blackhat way of earning using Winhttrack.

I will copy a lucrative website with it and try to rank higher with more keywords.

My question is,

Is that possible?
If Google finds out that the contents are the same, I will be punished and can’t rank?

Buying after ATH, and Riding Waves

Buying after ATH
I see a lot of people trying to buy on dips way too soon after a coin price has reached an all time high (ATH) and it’s a full on facepalm moment. Maybe you’ve noticed these same patterns.

After a coin comes down off an ATH, I will not look at the coin again for at least 32 hours, and usually I will not buy back in until at least 48 hours has past the ATH mark, unless some big news is coming. See attached. I looked at a few coins with recent ATH’s to show you the…

Buying after ATH, and Riding Waves


I bought in at the green arrow. I am betting a bubble is about ready to pop… Time to sell and go buy my boss’ twin turbo ferrari.


Why Do BHW Members Use Skype

Why is it that so many BHW Members use Skype in their day to day communications? It is not considered a very secure platform, and in my mind, which may be quite off here, of all people, BHW Members would be more security conscious than say, my grandmother (who has a Skype account).

Beyond Open Whisper Systems’ Signal app, which requires users share actual telephone numbers, there are much more secure options such as KeyBase. I have no ownership or am not part of the development teams for…

Why Do BHW Members Use Skype

Are press releases helpful for SEO?

I have a press release written out and was curious if it helps SEO at all?

If so, what is the best practice to reach out to bloggers or news outlets to have them publish your press release on their website?


[JV] My FB Accounts with 5k Targeted Friends + Your Monetization Strategy

We have quite an extensive setup for Facebook. We do various task for clients, drive traffic to our own network of sites and a few other projects.

We’ve recently discovered and refined a method for adding friends in large quantities, and are able to target people with an interest in a specific niche. We currently have 12 accounts with close to the 5,000 maximum friends, and can easily make many more.

We are looking for partners who can monetize these accounts. We can handle building the…

[JV] My FB Accounts with 5k Targeted Friends + Your Monetization Strategy

Shopify + Instagram Journey

Hey guys, so I’ve been on BHW for months learning about Shopify. I thought, why not make an account and start my own Shopify journey? Thanks to some tutorials on here, I learned the process of Shopify and Instagram monetization. I started up a Shopify niche store with a friend a month ago and we worked hours everyday to make our store. Last week, I started growing our four niche-related Instagram accounts (One account is for a different niche). In around 6 days through Instagram automation,…

Shopify + Instagram Journey

Scrapebox downloading images.

I am going to use scrapebox to download images .

Scrape box got it own built in image downloader.

I need to no are all the images downloaded from the downloader royalty free.

If not I need to no how to download royalty free images from free website…