can anyone can help me with OnPAGE?

Can anyone help me with OnPage for better ranking..?

I will show you the site and the text, and you are directing me to properly sort the words so they rank correctly.

Any expert if have time to help its will be a great.

My Official Intro

Hello BHW? Honestly what brought me here was the real Dark Black Hat Stuff. But I noticed that this is a community like no other where people help others, share ideas, and is much well organized. The way people open up to share ideas is astonishing whi…

Question about german tax system (dropshipping)

Hello Guys!

first of all, i’m new at this forum and i love it :)
So i read some methods about making some bucks online, and the amazon-ebay-dropshipping was the method which was the best one for me personally. Im a student atm, so with this method i could probably make 100-200€ each month, which would help me get through the studium.
I tested this method one week ago, and after some costumations and testings i sold some stuff and made a profit of 11€ in 2 days.

So my question is: the…

Question about german tax system (dropshipping)

I need Help about CPA

i’m already in Maxbounty but i didn’t make my first money yet, i need help to know the steps i should follow please if any body can help me
and this some of the question that i don’t know the answer
How to post on facebook ? do i need a landing page ? how to use Maxbounty ? and whats the methods i should follow, i really need your help guys <3

Onsite vs OffSite SEO – whats the % difference in SERPs

Having an argument with my web partner re the % importance of onsite against offsite SEO.

I am convinced I read an article (backed up with data examples) that ONSITE SEO accounts for 20% on your ranking compared to OFFSITE SEO accounts for the remaining 80%.

Anyone know of any study that works out approx what the % difference is (there is a £10 bet on it)