Looking For Tech Web/Blog Backlinks

I am looking for tech web/blog which would publish my article and add 2 follow backlink to my web site.
I will write articles.

Please send DA,PA, URL and price per 1 blog post.
I am not interested in any other offers.

Thank you

Where to get marketing diploma fast? (Online)

I want to search for a stable offline job in a company related to technology to get a guaranteed salary to invest in online plans.

So I want to make my CV looks great, but I don’t have any diploma, I have a bac+ experience…

I tried to search for some online diploma but they don’t worth the time of learning…
Can u please suggest any e-learning plateform that give a diploma at the end?

Thanks in advance!

How to get a list of related keywords from main keyword?

Is there a quick way of getting a list of related keywords from a main keyword.

Eg a keyword of weight loss, then getting back diet tips, best diets etc etc, so not long tails, related/similar.

I know a long way of doing it which is scraping the google results then working out the LSI’s from those results, but I was just wondering if anyone had a quicker way.

I know there is the related search thingy at the bottom of most google results, maybe that would be an easier way?

Twitter Target Mass Follower tool

Hello long time ago i have seen i tool that will follow all the follower of someone that u target
all what you have to do is to put his id and it will start following his followers
please is there any free related tool like it ?


Hello everyone .
i`am Je*imi*h from philippines, 18 yearsold
im a begginer hacker, i hope this website and peoples here can help me to improve my skill . Thank you

Good Morning BHW

Good morning or evening depending on your time zone to all of you. And thanks for all the knowledge you share here. I am quiet new yet still with good copy writing skills in English, French and Turkish.

Whish a great day to all of you.

old members in bhw..

Im made this post just wanna to know who is still active and wanna say hye to you all.. hihi.. i see many thing has change in here time by time.people go people stay in here.. im still a newbie to learn new thing this day..as my english still suck..lol…