Favicon transparent background?

I’m having an issue where when I upload my favicon to wordpress it displays with a white background.

It’s saved as a .png and I made the transparent background on GIMP, it’s worked doing this before, but now the bg is always white…. anyone solved this problem before?

Need feedback for Web 2.0


I have created one Web 2.0. I need feedback on it whether its good or not. And what can be improved in that.

Can I place the link in here directly? If so, let me know then I will paste the link here. Or whoever can help me out with that to pr…

MP3 site storage needed?

For an MP3 site I’m building, I need to choose my hosting plan. I’m thinking of going with VPS hosting with A2. However, I was wondering whether 75 gb is enough for what I want to do. Is this enough, and if not, how much would I need? Thank you!

Ogads scam?

Hi I’ve been watching people do these instagram methods of growing accounts and promoting affiliate landing page links from ogads, but all the links from ogads are spammy and have surveys encrypted in them. So is this a scam? I already got questioned by my website host because they saw things like “snapchat hack” “free instagram followers” and such. Someone can clarify?

need advice to buy email list

hello, i want to try with email marketing, i have searched over the forum some methods to use with email marketing and i want to try it.

i searched on google and i found a website that offer mane email list by country, mail hosting …

the website that i’m talking is this

i’m just wondering if anyone has experience beying emailf from this website? it’s worth to buy from them?

any advice on this will be very useful.

thanks in…

need advice to buy email list

You’ve got to love freebie seekers…..

So I have a website where I made free software and I just switched it to a paid model. Man people are PISSED OFF with me.

Thought you guys might enjoy a small selection of the abuse I’ve had just today so far…

“Hi Jamie, I hope you are well? just wanted to let you know you are a GREEDY CUNT. FAGGOT. KYS.” – I suppose relatively speaking hes correct after giving away free software for two years…

“I went ahead and let Graham Bennett at Google know about your website and he has went…

You’ve got to love freebie seekers…..

Very High Paid ($1,000+) Twitter Bot Job Opportunity

Hey BlackHatWorld,

I’m creating this thread to announce an amazing opportunity for a social media bot expert, specifically on Twitter.

Essentially, any time a specified set of keywords are mentioned on Twitter, we need the person that says that set of keywords to receive a predetermined reply.

This reply should be configurable so that we can change it as we please. We’ll be delivering many thousands of these replies daily.

We do not currently have a network of bot accounts nor automation…

Very High Paid ($1,000+) Twitter Bot Job Opportunity

Hi everyone

Well, I’m new here. Been lurking for about half a year and decided a couple of minutes ago I was going to make an account to post in the couple of guides that have helped give me a clue as to how to proceed in internet marketing. My goals are to begin making some money online with affiliate marketing in an area I really enjoy while I’m in school and some guides here have helped me design that roadmap for myself, so I figured it was time to finally sign up.

Erx pro

A low libido and coffee sex drive lead men to frustrating situation. He will become harassed over Erx pro hassle, and Erx pro pressure, then again, leads to bad sexual existence. However, there are herbal male sexual enhancement supplements to growth m…