[Giveaway] Free Social Signals

We have decided to giveaway 20 packages of Social Signals (25 signals each)
Each package contains 25 signals (social network shares).
5 G+ shares, 5 Facebook shares, 5 Twitter tweets, 5 Vk.ru shares, 5 ok.ru shares

The signals mostly come wit…

[GUIDE] How to discover your real purpose in Life and do what you love!


As i am reaching 1000 posts on BlackHatWorld i decided to do another thread that might benefit a lot of people. Don’t get me wrong, making money is good and fantastic. But you will never be happy and free when you don’t do what you love to do. I am not talking about IG and OgAds or some other money making methods.

I am talking about the stuff that you really love to do, the things that…​

[GUIDE] How to discover your real purpose in Life and do what you love!

Reddi*t, Tumbl*r accounts creation and account management with API

We are looking for a software developer with significant API integration experience with Social Media networks.

The software should integrate Tumbl*r’s and Reddi*t’s APIs, create automatically multipleaccounts on these social networks, and manages these accounts – inviting friends, sharing/posting stories, rating, voting up etc

We are looking for an excellent developper / team who can deliver rapidly, and with previous work with social media APIs, and good…

Reddi*t, Tumbl*r accounts creation and account management with API

What CPU are you using right now?

I use an i5 7500 4 cores 4 threads CPU which I bought on ebay for $130. The temperature is about 50 degrees with 35 degrees room temperature. It takes 20 watts on average workload which suits me well as I don’t want to waste too much on the Ebill.

What do you use? How does that perform? How much electricity is it taking? Any temperature problems? Do share!!

New Member On Board!!

Hi guys!
This is not a first time for me on this forum but before there wasn’t need to register :)
So I’m working as an Affiliate Marketer and have an amazing program for you guys.
Literally Copy-Paste.
4-day training,
Ready Funnel to implement on your site,
Ready FB ads if you would like to sky-rocket your business.

If you want me to personally Couch you let me know in comments:) Later on, you will be added to the secret Facebook group when I can speak to you directly. Have Fun And Make…

New Member On Board!!

How to monetize own adult video streams?


I am looking for an ad network where I am able to have invideo stream advertisement. I have the video on a server of mine. A video stream costs me around 0.005€ and I am looking for a network which pays minimum 0.01€/view

There are of course Exoc…

How to make bulk Instagram Accounts?

Hi, I have bulk emails all verified with my own phone number. Now, I need to make a couple of IG pages.
Should I go ahead and make those accounts from my phone OR from my PC?

I don’t want to use my phone number for IG verification of the IG accounts coz I want to use my email for security codes or phone verification is mandatory?

Please help me on this.

Thanks in advance!