Please !!! I need help

Good evening . I do not even know how to start. I do not know if you’re interested, but I was kicked out of home by my own family.

It all started when my grandfather died. Everybody wanted some of his wealth. I just wanted to have where to stay. I have no place to go and what to do. The wages in my country do not allow me to take anything for rent either. Please greatly help me to make some money to rent at least a place to stay. Please help me . I’m desperate .

I owe you .

Sorry for my…

Please !!! I need help

Google Reviews

Hi there,
I run a digital agency and need google and truspilot reviews for my clients. For that I need seasoned G+ accounts and person to leave reviews. Both platform runs algorithm to check IPs and writing pattern to check the authenticity of reviews….

Strange Facebook Activity

We’re going through a lot of our accounts and in the case of some of the older ones that have friends etc but not much recent action we’re finding an interesting Facebook Response.

We try to log in and FB immediately hits us with a Security check which initially requests us to carry out a security check as “suspicious” activity (BS) had been observed on the account and it was now therefore locked yadda yadda etc.

Anyway we click on the link to “choose the security check” and the browser…

Strange Facebook Activity

Need help pin pointing what’s going on with this account!

Okay guys, so this is my first post here, hopefully it’s in the right category.

To cut a long story short my niche is fitness. I follow all the big fitness accounts and have never been able to understand how they reach such a high amount of likes on every picture. I then came across a big account, this account posts and receives 13-14k likes a picture.

On the off chance I catch this person posting and they only receive 1,500-2000 likes and say 6 comments within 3 hours which usually would…

Need help pin pointing what’s going on with this account!

[BETA] Tinder Autoresponder Bot

I am looking for people who are into Adult CPA to test my Tinder bot

– Multiple account management
– Account Checker
– Token generator from fb acccounts
– Bio updater
– Auto Like
– Send messges
– Autoresponder ( This is important featu…

WordPress & Social Networks

Hello BHW, I need a way to make social information section on my wp site here is an example:, I need similar to this social networks information below the slider or even same is there some plugin for this?

Can’t Focus, How to solve?

hey guys really I cannot focus

I need to work but I waste many hours reading all on the web about internet marketing etc then I waste time on messages etc on smartphone..

really internet is killing me..

I feel like I have Adhd lol

I only focus for some minutes on computer to work only when I use a timer and relaxing music.. but I’d like to focus also in real life

how you would solve this problem?

Make 0.50$ per US download

Hey guys, im new here and probably I am not posting in the right section, sorry for that! Anyway, I do have an app for TV SHOWS, its a Tv show tracker and I need more REAL USERS so, if you can bring me REAL US downloads I can pay you 0.50$ per download…