No time to do my SEO (titles/tags/descriptions)!!
Looking to outsource to a freelancer here.
(Prefer a set monthly payment)

Brand new gaming channel (zero authority)
Weekly upload

I can’t get this. Can you please?

I found a website. People are doing the frequent submission on this bookmarking website to get backlinks. But when you click on submit a new story, it redirects you back to the home page. Not only this website but there are 100s of other similar websites.
I thought they might be paid submissions, but couldn’t find any contact us page or membership area too.
Can anybody help with this? Please

How I Copy Designs of a Competitor

Excuse my English it’s not my first language.

Just to make it clear. In no way I am promoting stealing or copying anyone.

For the past 7 years that I have been doing this. Most clients especially in the supplement game requests a copy of a competitor site. That’s why most if not all of the skin, weight loss (garcinia), muscle pages looks identical or similar. Most of the time I convince them not to, especially copying the texts word for word and just replacing the names of the product and…

How I Copy Designs of a Competitor