Monetizing Chinese adult tube site with mostly China visitors

Hello guys, I owned a Chinese adult tube site and the visitors is quite stable now as shown in the Google Analytics screenshot below:


Most of the visitors are coming from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. But I’m now earning only around $350 per month which I think it’s very low for such amount of visitors. I’m currently using JuicyAds, PopAds, PopCash and Plugrush on my website, is there any other adult ads network that is good for Chinese site? Thank…

Monetizing Chinese adult tube site with mostly China visitors

Can’t get fully indexed

Not sure whats so different about this new blog I’ve made but I can’t seem to fully get indexed.

On google my main page is indexed, feed, sitemap, one page, and lots of tags are all indexed. The only thing is my posts aren’t getting indexed, why could this be?

Omg all my sites got hacked!

Just checked my site and it got hacked by some bangladesh hackers!!
Anyone know this guys? How could they hack ALL my sites?
Is this my fault or hosting provider? I am currently at poweru…

Medcash I want to get paid


I want to tell you about medcash.

I have worked with them more than 1 year together with friends, we earned about $10,000.

I have stopped working when the threshold of the minimum payment was raised to $250. Last time I’m not working in dating niche.

I want to close my account and get my money from account ($100+).

I understand that you don’t want to pay, but I don’t want to work with you anymore time.

Nobody has answered me for several days about payout

When I connected to the…

Medcash I want to get paid

Melbourne or Miami ( Australia vs USA )

Hi, everyone. I have right now two offers for doing my master in Economics.

I have to choose between Melbourne vs Miami

What do you think for next 2-4 years should I choose?
The biggest disadvantage for Australia is that It takes 24-30hours flight …