Facebook won’t accept my boosted post?

Facebook has really cracked down it seems. I’m trying to boost a post that I boosted a year ago (just fine) and now they won’t accept it.

At first I thought it was my native ads, and my borderline “sexy” content. So I turned the native ads to G and turned off agressive imagery, set all sexy posts to private and sent an appeal.


Then I thought it was because I had a “show more” tab on th page, so I put all the content upfront and sent another appeal. And hen I added a little more…

Facebook won’t accept my boosted post?

PBN or Authority Site

If you have the budget to do SEO, which works better in ranking well? (don’t talk about long or short term).

I mean does authority links from huffingtonpost works like a pbn in terms of effectiveness of ranking?

Building an Instagram following

Hi guys

Total newbie here.
I’m trying to build an Instagram following any hints/tips anyone?

Or any free active followers
I’m also looking for an engagement group

If anyone could help I’d really appreciate it

Many thanks

Also add me on IG @pirate_fitness
Niche fitness/travel