Citations on web 2.0 and tier 3 links

I have a local business with no local address that I hope to maximize the ranking for certain keywords. I was wondering if anyone use blogger or tumblr and make a blogpost with your business citations (with a make-up address) on it and then have 3000-5…

How to obtain payment for services rendered?

Quick questions for everyone who offer services;

How do you acquire payment for services that you complete?

Like non-tangible items such as Facebook or Instagram, if you aren’t using a service such as Fiverr/Upwork?

What if you find a potential client through craigslist or even local?

I doubt a buyer would be willing to pay beforehand.

Google refunding advertisers after fake traffic snafu

Google has issued refunds to advertisers for running ads on websites with fake traffic. Unfortunately for advertisers who paid Google to show their ads, they’ll only get a fraction of the cost of the ads served to invalid traffic. People familiar with the situation have said that Google will reimburse “platform fees” which covers about 7% to 10% of the total purchase.

According to a report, Google’s parent…

Google refunding advertisers after fake traffic snafu

Business Startup Advice

I know you all are busy but just wanted to ask if you could give me some advice for my website, and growing it moving forward.

About me : I am 15 years old and just want to build this website. It is an addiction community site, where people can talk to others about what they are going through anonymously, read stories and share their stories. Can’t show site but it is basically complete, and looks pretty nice. I want to grow it so people can see it and I know it will catch on. The site is…

Business Startup Advice

[$1000 / Day] eCommerce Journey

What’s up guys? I’ve been doing IM as a hobby for a while now and this was the year that I realized that this is what I want to do. Good old marketing and building businesses from nothing. If it wasn’t for this forum, I never would have even stepped into this world.

This is my current business that I’m building and it’s in its second month right now. The business was created back in April but there was a lot that needed to be done. Things like…

[$1000 / Day] eCommerce Journey