Daily Reminder: Coffee is for Closers

There are two kinds of people in the world: The kind who walk away from this scene thinking Alec Baldwin is an asshole, and the kind the kind who leave wanting to sell some fucking real estate.
​10/10 scene. Never gets old.

Instagram Noob Needs Advice

Hi all, new to BHW. I’ve been lurking for a while looking for ways to boost my IG account @cloudmotivates from 600 something followers to a potentially monetize-able account. I’ve seen people talk about AddMeFast and I’ve just signed in to that.

I was wondering if you guys could help me out with other tips to grow the following as fast as possible without spending on followers and likes. Any information is greatly appreciated.

how do u cope with loss ?

so not so long ago i created a thread on here on how to sell my btc which i successfully managed to do. However, one thing that is really getting to me, is that the btc that i sold, is now nearly worth $900…

i am regretting selling it now, i really needed the money to get an apartment for this december and still have all the money but it’s really pissing me off loosing out on so much money and it’s continuing to climb.

How do u handle this sort of thing, it feels a major kick in the…

how do u cope with loss ?

there’s no such thing as sandbox (tested)

I built 2 sites, the first one I do it as usually, drip the content, drip the links carefully, I only start building link after 3 months my content completed.

I bought a .net domain, build similar site, aiming the same keywords, I push my content in a day, without drip or scheduling, I didn’t even look at the detail optimization like img alt tag, internal linking, kw density for this site because I build this site to test how quick can I rank without ‘waiting’ for the sandbox. I build links…

there’s no such thing as sandbox (tested)

7k per month income…paypal banned account

PayPal banned my Account becvause of selling social media services (likes, followers etc)
I made like 6-7k usd per month with this account. Did that over long time, howe come that they found out? I never had disputes, never lost a dispute. Recently som…