Is just scraping an already existing site a bad approach? It seems like all of the established sites are self hosting or using cloud hosting for the porn videos (can just scraping them still index the same?)

Whats up with the First-Page nowdays?

Am I the only one who thinks that Googles first page is so fucked up nowdays?

I am seeing that, blackhat or whitehat tactics doesnt work on first page either.
(I am not talking about tactics, that can fire a site from #60 to #25 with some shitty pbn links. Because yes, thats “rocket science” is obviously still working, and this is not a blackhat seo or pbn is dead type of post so please leave these comments out)

The problem is on the first page in serp. It looks like…

Whats up with the First-Page nowdays?

Check Links on a Website?

I was wondering if there was free software I could use to crawl someone’s website to see if they link to my website? I also have access to Ahrefs and Screaming Frog. Thanks

Can a subfolder pass algo-penalty?

I have a page thats maybe penalized somehow algorithmically.

I am aiming for the “shaving” keyword on the site like:
But the page is slowly dying. Doesnt even shows up in serp despite of kicking it with pbn links.

Unlike: is getting the positions for “shaving” keyword, but thats dying slowly too.

Is this some kind of penalty, that is passing through the subfolder, or why cant i rank that page?

Star Rating issue..???

Hey i am working as a SEO exexcutive…
I have one question or doubt ..I want to know related star rating(which depends on public reviews)..As i told you i am working as executive ..So my question is?
Why rating shows on other website,but star rating is not shown on itself website…Why this is so..
If i want to show rating on my website also ..Then how’s it possible…

you can find proteins in addition to eggs and skim

milk products. Proteins of vegetal origin: You can find them in the legumes like lentils, beans or chickpeas, in the seeds, the vegetables and the cereals. 2. Carbohydrates Most people make the mist…