Unsuccesful shopify attempt

Hello everyone, my attempt was unsuccessful with dropshipping and shopify. Anyone experienced can help me with a successful start?
Now what i have:
domain – onstyle-store.com
Can i start without money?

Super Easy Method to Make 10$/day For every beginner.

Hi everyone !
This is my first Method that I will show you here In BHW , I hope that it will be helpful for others BHW members who want easy money.
So the method that i will use is FIVERR.
Stop, i know what you’r going to say : ” I don’ have any f*cking skill “
OK don’t worry I’ll show you what to do :)

*A computer
*Photoshop and illustrator
*Some basic skills of photoshop and illustrator
*2HR a day is enough

You will be offering graphic design offers…

Super Easy Method to Make 10$/day For every beginner.

Instaban every time..

Hi, I’ve been lurking these forums for quite a few years now. Decided to make an account a few days ago. I’m trying to start up with OGads again. I have purchase 15 accounts, 1-2 years old. I had them sitting on massplanner and warming up for about 2 weeks. I had the bios, pictures and different names.

However, as soon as I add the link I get banned.
I have tried goo.gl and bit.ly shorteners.
> = Redirect

I shorten almost all links with goo.gl

goo.gl on Profile > .xyz domain > Weebly…

Instaban every time..

Question about sitewide links and image links

I just wanted to get some opinions on two different types of links –

1.Sitewide links – I know generally these type of links are not a good idea any more because they can be a bit spammy, but what are your thoughts?

2.Image links – same question, ho…

{Journey} Employer Pissed Me Off In Job Interview – So I Will Nuke Their Rankings (NO NEGSEO)

This will be quite funny :)

No, no NEGSEO or anything like that.

Well will be doing fairplay here. However, blackhat fairplay.

Had a job interview this week.

Ended into a heated argument that brought the worst sides out of me.

So, I decided to check out their ranking keywords.

And I decided I will put my Moneysite into the top 10.

Getting #1 will be kind of hard. So page 1 is the goal.

Well, I decided to put everything I can rank into the top 10.

Let’ see where it goes.

It’s a…

{Journey} Employer Pissed Me Off In Job Interview – So I Will Nuke Their Rankings (NO NEGSEO)

Best adult tube script

Hey guys, what is in your opinion the best adult tube script? Personally I have used Mechbunny and wp-script. For ease of use and automation I think wp-script is better but there are issues with auto importing when your site focuses on a certain orient…