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The tale of Crystal Clear – Troll Analysis

About a month ago a friend had a retard add him from BHW.

This retard wanted to hack, my friend told me about this person and @Neon also.

The retard added us, the boy wanted to hack. For the past month I have been trolling him to an extremely high gold medal winning level, here are the highlights. But if you want the entire chat log it’s available here….​

The tale of Crystal Clear – Troll Analysis

{Job} Hiring A Graphics Designer For Banner Ad

I need some stunning ads that will get clicks. PNG and animated gifs. If you’re good at this, please bump this thread and send me a message on skype: th3d0ct0r001

We all know the general pricing for banners. That’s what I’ll be paying. Please link me examples of your work if you have any.

How much did u make from FIGHT OF THE YEAR?

So boyz, the fight ended few minutes ago, Mayweather is official winner (poor Conan :sob.

The question is, how much did u put in the pocket off this fight?

Anything matters: fake stream + CPA, bets, ebooks on how to get free tickets (lol ) , etc.


Forum poster required (minimal work)

Looking for someone who can write HQ forum posts for high rates. Especially looking for people educated in economics, cryptocurrencies, trading, web businesses, etc.

I won’t expect many new threads – thread replies are fine – so creativity is not required.

Notice: I will be making profit off of this.

Rate will either be a constant value that will gradually rise as you spend more time writing for me, or can be a high percentage of what I earn — I’m completely transparent…

Forum poster required (minimal work)