(WTB) 2 Flyers Designed/Need Within 24 Hours

Hello everyone!

Here’s the skinny:

I need two flyers designed and within 24 hours.

Will provide instructions for what I need with the flyers (text, text color, what I’m looking for, etc).

This prob won’t take long for someone who usually does flyers and definitely shouldn’t take more than an hour, I’m just ridiculously busy today and tomorrow.

MUST be able to provide completed flyers within 24 hours.

Paying $12 total via PayPal upon completion of the work.


Hey, I’m Darth Nader

Hello, I recently signed up and interested in learning new ways to make money. Awesome to see the creativity on so many members here. Reading some of these posts definitely help ignite a creative side of me that I haven’t felt in years. Thanks for the inspiration so far!

suspect click bank shaves

hi fellow bhwers

i have lurk and read many threads in click bank section. there were posts about people posting about click bank shaving and i did not believe at first but now i am beginning to believe they system having bugs or spoil

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