Bio Link = Immediate PV

After the last ban wave, I lost all of my accounts. I had a new batch ageing and after a month of sitting dormant, I started botting with no problems. After almost a month of botting, I decided to profile them (just bio and link, profile pic was added …

Gary V. bought a shout out from me

I was contacted with the account of someone who probably works at Vayner Media. They sent me a gif of Gary and told me what to write in the description (mainly just @ing Gary’s main account)

I just thought this was interesting especially because he’s such an established figure and him buying shoutouts from accounts (which might break Instagram tos idk) is very interesting. Shows how advertising is changing even for big brands

Has this happened to anyone else?

Instagram+CPA Journey To $50/day

Hello everyone and welcome to my journey to $50/day, ive never reached that goal in IM and i want to get to it within the next 3-4 months. Ive already started this journey about a week ago and i now have decided to create this thread to hopefully reach my goal. Im not doing the ordinary IG+OGads im doing Adult dating+CPA

Here is what i have done so far:
-I have 6 Instagram accounts as i wanted to test them out and not waste 10’s of accounts.
-I have 10 proxies all 6 of the accounts…

Instagram+CPA Journey To $50/day

Looking For A Mobile App Developer/Reskin

I am looking for someone that can develop a game app or possibly re-skin one. I’m not sure how that all works but I am interested in getting my piece of the mobile app pie. I am not willing to share the name of the app I would like re-skinned in public. But as an example to help you get an idea of what I need, if you can develop/re-skin the mobile app

Golf Clash

then you can probably fulfill my needs. If you can do this feel free to reach out to me…

Looking For A Mobile App Developer/Reskin

What are the best ways to promote an offer PPL?

Hello everybody!

I am new on this forum and I am in membership with a company which offers me $2 for every registration in has landing page (enter the name and email and activate the account in email) except the USA which is $4.

I would want to know …

Greetings from Romania !

Hi Guys,

I’m Ciprian, just joined a few days ago and I wanted to say hi.
26, from Romania.
Passionate about drumming, reading, hiking and good vibes, but also interested in learning how to snowboard (which I will do next winter !).

I’m here to expand my knowledge and give my knowledge about affiliate marketing to other people in need. Totally open to any discussion or topic that you think I might help you with :D