Ebay Error !!!

Now I am unable to list item on ebay.com,

I have 100 item – $3500 limit, when i am trying to list item, ebay give me a below message and and am not able to list item in ebay.com, even i have already submitted my POI , POA document. eBay did not assign…

i hate

@Sherbert Hoover

Whats is your problem ?

honestly, no one can judge others by their own. (Talking about “me” point of view)

Need someone who has webmoney account, will pay $30

Am an affiliate for some firm, they want to send me my commission through webmoney, being an Indian I don’t have passport so they put the funds on hold.
If there is anybody who has webmoney account, I will ask my affiliate to transfer that funds to your later on you will be sending that $$$ to my Indian bank account.
As I mentioned once I get the funds I will pay you $30 for your help & in future also will have longterm relationship.
PS. I accept only verified & running webmoney…

Need someone who has webmoney account, will pay $30

DMCA ignore hosting with good customer care ?

I am searching for a good DMCA ignore hosting which has 24x7x365 customer care like Digital Ocean, BlueHost, etc regular hosting.

Currently using Abelohost and they havent been responding for 6 hours and my site is offline and i am losing money.

Do a…

Farming facebook ad accounts. Any tips?

TL; Dr :So are farming facebook accounts and farming facebook AD accounts two different things? How do i farm them? What software can i use? I know that i need different ips on each account but Once i build trust with a particular facebook account usi…

Why Sharecash reject my application

Hi blackhaters

so as you all know sharecash is a big and successful company and the ppd/cpd field and its sign up form is so simple and doesn’t require some prove or experience like cpa networks.

but i idon’t know why it rejects my applications, i tried several times and didn’t get the approval email.

i’m from tier 3 country ( not india,china,Nigeria) and i didn’t use any vpn/proxy.

so please if you can help solve this issu i will be grateful

— how can i get approved ?

— or if…

Why Sharecash reject my application