Woocommerce or Shopify

Shopify is $30 a month to start and has a free ssl and can handle a lot of traffic but isn’t too flexible and cost can easily ramp up with add-on apps where as woocommerce provides a lot more flexibility and loads of free and good plugins. Shopify is very simple and straight forward and woocommerce requires a bit of knowledge to get started. is there anyone who has used both and according to you which one’s better?

Existing Shopify site to Woocommerce?

I have an existing shopify website, but I want to switch over to woo commerce for flexibility purposes and to cut costs. Have any of you done this before? What kind of obstacles should I expect trying to do this?

Woocommerce Plugins

Hi all!

Can anyone guide me where I can get clean (without virus) complete paid Woocommerce plugins to “test”?

I have ended buying a few, only to realize that either they don’t work as promised OR are creating conflicts with other plugins.

I would rather play with a pro version and then decide to buy if all works well.

Thanks a lot!

Facebook page like Increase tricks?

Hello guys,
I seen one fb page that start 16.08.2017, than page like 0. Bt now page like 1.2 Million. How could be possible?????? I Follow this page daily. Daily like around 200k. I am really confused, how it’s possible??? Plz guys explain this tricks. (this page create same name* page total 11. But 1page like. 1.2 Million & other’s page like 7k, 1k, 200 somthing. )

Need Proxies for Scrapebox

Hello Guys, I started to work with scrapebox… I’m searching for expired 2.0 with scrapebox and I need proxies for this.

and second question.. should I take private or public proxies?

I’ve got a domain that shows up in Google News

So I’ve got a domain name that shows up in Google News. I have bought it on auction a couple months ago because it had some pages still indexed in News.

So I have added a theme, a couple articles, a news sitemap, and added it to Search console. When I checked the News Publisher Centre, the domain was not there, only in the list of domains I could ask to be included. I thought that’s the end of the story and abandoned the site.

So one year later the domain expiration is coming up and I…

I’ve got a domain that shows up in Google News