WordPress theme speed

I purchased this theme:


I run it on:

However, load time is 6-7 seconds long. What are your guys thoughts?

1500 daily page views, how to monetise?

I get 1500 page views on a page which is displayed on a software main screen.

I need to place ads on this so I can make $$$. I would have used Google adsense but they don’t allow you to have ads on webpages displayed on software.

Does anyone know any good alternatives that support this?

Demographics of page views:
~20% American
~30% German
~50% scattered between various European countries and Asian countries.

My Journey to 50$ a day with CPA before 31 December 2017

First of all this is my first journey, I’m quite new to internet marketing and CPA so don’t flame me if I’m doing stuff wrong, instead try to help or improve me.

About Myself:

I’m a 16 year old guy who would like to be able to quit his job and make a killing on the internet. My first goal being 50$ a day!

I’m using OGADS as my main CPA network, if any of ya’ll have better networks to recommend let me know…

Traffic Sources:
Youtube Ranking,…

My Journey to 50$ a day with CPA before 31 December 2017

Ready to go?

Hello everyone,

So I just got offered , for 150pounds , a ready to go website.
Basically it’s made and I just have to put my details in,like my PayPal account,etc.
Looks like it has the social networks accounts ready and articles have been wrote down already, it looks it really is ready to go and moke some money, as I don’t really expect to make a lot for now. Just want to make a steady income and be able to work on the website and make a bit more with time.

What do you guys think?
Just a…

Ready to go?

Instagram SMM panel

I saw many SMM panels working and they provide Instagram followers as well.
I wanted to know how these panels work?
How they are able to provide these followers ?