8 Years and counting on BHW

I just happen to notice today that I have been on BHW for a little over 8 years now. Man how does time fly.

For all the new guy’s my advise to you is to stick and stay. Nothing happens over night. The online business takes time to learn and tweak. Keep with it and you just might make it.

Love BHW

Thanks to all the mods for all that you do.

My 1st Instagram Journey

Hello everyone!

I have been on BHW for a while keeping my eye on Posts & seeing what I like the look of for months now.

I have always enjoyed Instagram & I have dabbled in CPA etc before but my goal/dream would be to run a Social Media accoun…

All sorts of Juicy twitter talk…


  • Pretty weird how I opened 4 accounts and then #5 and #6 got the 3 day suspension after 500 follows…even after changing IP.
  • I’m using a cellular IP, which sometimes only changes the last numbers of the IP after a modem reset.
  • Sometimes I have to phone verify 2x on my initial mass following process.

Worked in my favor

All sorts of Juicy twitter talk…

AliDropship Plugin/Custom Store

Does anybody here purchased a custom store from AliDropship?

I have a few questions, since I’ve read various threads concerning the plugin itself, some say negative things about the plugin and some have their own success stories.

1. Which do you think is better, creating your own site using the plugin or purchasing a custom store?
2. Is the hosting good? I’ve seen loading issues with websites powered by Shopify and some seem faster than those hosted by AliDropship even though they have…

AliDropship Plugin/Custom Store

Anyone working with pron niche?

If someone is working in porn niche, pls answer some of my questions.
1) is it safe to make own porn site?
2) how can i earn from that site?
3) what is the best earning network for that?
4) i have heard crackrevene works better in this niche.,so what’s their minimum payment and when they pay?
5) how much i can earn / day?
6) any tips regarding this?

Thanks :)