any thoughts about instamacro?

anyone have an a experience with instamacro?
any suggestion for good instagram bot?
free bots aswell will be good to know about, i read a guide about one here
didnt try to set it up yet, any thoughts??

When To Start Backlink building?

It’s been 1 Month that I have started a blog. I have 5 Posts that are highly inforamative and are well written with keyword research.
When is the right time for me to start backlink building???

Looking for SEO


I currently have a small business that consists of a programmer, 1 support person and a sales/marketing person. In the past we had content writers, seo masters, graphic designers etc on staff. Overhead was high but things were running since we…

Scrapebox Poster Question

When using the comment poster on Scrapebox, does it post via different browsers? I sometimes create backlinks via Firefox using a proxy but how does Scrapebox do this?
What exactly do the search engines see when links are built via Scrapebox?
Is there …


Is just scraping an already existing site a bad approach? It seems like all of the established sites are self hosting or using cloud hosting for the porn videos (can just scraping them still index the same?)