Need a sugggestion for forum / wiki / bb to install

I installed a crm system for a small sales force and I need to add a group communication feature. They’re on shared linux hosting.

Features I want:

– post messages and replies to the group;
– file download for employment docs, price lists, promo materials etc;
– a “news” page so I can tell everyone things without email blasts.

ANYTHING besides WordPress, please. I fucking hate it.

I’ve been going through the BBs, wikis and forums in Softaculous, looking for ideas. I can’t decide! I’m…

Need a sugggestion for forum / wiki / bb to install

How long does it take for a website to get ranked?

I’ve just created a website and filling it out with content.

I know it’s early days and I’m not expecting 1000 visitors straight away.

Talking about from your experience how long did it take and what work did you do?

Can you recommend any SEO service I can use?


Mini, modest suggestion – The Marketplace

Maybe BHW shouldn’t allow to call threads like that:
Harry Potter
… etc. I will not link to posts because The Marketplace Mods knows about it.
It’s not names only but using copyrighted materials like GTA screens, harry potter images, batman images.

I know that thread owner is fully responsible but if some Marvel or other legal department get angry, it can harm whole Blackhatworld.

How to reduce sleep hours ?

I mean there is no fixed our job for people in IM. Everyday I plan to sleep early and then wake up late. But since I do not have a compulsion to follow fixed hours, I end up breaking this promise everyday. How to get more disciplined ? Also, I would li…