How long it will take to see Organic Keyword!!

Hello All.
I am currently trying to rank a medium Comp niche and its almost 3 weeks and I can’t find any organic keywords popping up

SEO Done by me.

SEO Score: 85

Page speed: 94 ( gmetrix)

Properly Optimised for Kws

Backlinks – Currently – 101 Backlinks 59 Referring Domains

Can someone say is there anything wrong? and my domain name includes keyword ( Domain name is little long as my keyword is a bit longer.

Double Title Tags

Almost two weeks ago I noticed a WordPress website had double <title> tags on every page. The WordPress theme had a built in echo statement for the title as well as the title tag outputted from the wp_head().

As soon as I noticed this, I removed the theme’s hard-coded (and duplicate) title tag (on the 5th or 6th). Within 2 days almost all rankings plummeted. I wasn’t surprised, but after waiting 2 weeks the rankings don’t seem to be dancing, they are only decreasing…

Double Title Tags

Alternatives to Follow Liker?

I purchased a lifetime license in May for follow liker. I got an email saying they are now charging a $5.99 monthly fee. This is a joke and a scam. I am filing a Paypal dispute and looking for another software. NO way I’m giving them my business now.

Can anyone recommend or list some good alternative software for me to check out?
So far I came across Following Like, GramDominator, and Instadub. I would love to check out others.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Dear forum members,

I am asking for a little help to get some Italian links to my 3 Italian websites that are all in very good quality regarding content and onsite SEO.

Is there a friendly soul who would like to help with some links in exhange for pa…

Which PPC network permits you to place ads in your email newsletters

Hello all.

I have a daily email newsletter that goes out. I use Mailchimp.

It’s starting to get quite expensive having over 50,000 subscribers. I know Google adsense does not allow you to place ads in your email newsletters.

However, is there a PPC network that does allow you to??
Ive searched all over the internet and cant find anything.


Muscle Boost XT
Find an exercise buddy. Joining a gym is one of the best opportunity to meet new people and make new close friends. If you just go work out at home, find a follower or in comparison that is interested in body-building. You also can join online forums to talk about how well you’re progressing with would like an explanation who share common pursuits.

How they make a game hack video like this?

Hard to find info on this on the web so maybe one of you guys know the answer.

I took a typical video as example like this one for Clash of Clans, I jus’t can’t figure it out. The process is flawless.

To see what I mean skip to 5:08.

The game is still running normal speed, I don’t see any cheatengine or similar program icon and yet they made it look so real.. How??