YouTube Ranking Journey

This will be my first journey, it will hopefully lead to greater things as I try to figure out YouTube and how the search engine works.

I have ranked videos previously, my best video ended up raking in $4k. That was along with a ranked website though. However, that’s as far as I took that(Due to manual action, thanks Google). That was back in 2015 and I’m looking to rework my ideas to try overcome this beast known as YouTube.

My current video is in a rather competitive niche(no it’s…

YouTube Ranking Journey

what rule do you use for PBN anchor text?

I have 15 PBN and they are all set up with content and I have waited for more than 1month+ to start linking my website. Now I’m targeting an easy/medium niche which on page 2 without any PBN so I’m hoping that my first PBN test will help me go page 1.

The problem is I don’t know what keyword to use and how many times. What is your rule about the main keyword? How many time you use it on your PBN. I don’t want any over optimize penalty from google by using my keywords too much.

So my…

what rule do you use for PBN anchor text?

YouTube mass liker comment bot

Hello guys i founded this free software YouTube to comment auto and upvote

YouTube botter v 1.0

YouTube Botter. works with login and password.

Netframework 4.5.2 and 3.5​
A working YouTube accounts in user,password,emailrec…

Dating site [ NEED ]chat script.

Hi guys.
I try to make a dating site ..but i have a problem …i need a script to make like that :
only when the user pay…only then can have a chat whit girls…if you don’t chat…
I hope you understand ..
Sorry if i don’t post in the required section..and sorry for my englis.
Thanks a lot.

Buying IG followers

I’m looking to buy IG followers, prefer hq Canadian followers but put your rates even if it’s not Canadian followers, per 1000 followers and I’ll contact you.