Let’s try this dropshipping thing – 750$ budget

Some of you know me some don’t, I into Youtube where I’m doing pretty well but what if Youtube bans me tomorrow or they don’t pay anymore?

More info’s on my Youtube thread here: Hard Work Pay’s off Eventually



Not very long time ago I was playing with a dropshipping store,…

Let’s try this dropshipping thing – 750$ budget

Why You Should NEVER Buy ANY Course Online!


I made a promise in another thread to expose the inner workings of the so-called ‘expert mastermind classes/lessons/courses/secrets…’ as they are nothing but a refurbished and repackaged SCAM.

*This guide will be posted in the Money Making section as it will allow some members to make xx, xxx or even xxxx passive amount of dollars a month.


Not a lot has been written against these…

Why You Should NEVER Buy ANY Course Online!

Print on demand services for dropshipping?

Hey guys,

Does anyone know of some print on demand services with dropshipping?

I am looking at basic products such as mugs, hats, tshirts, etc. and need to know some companies which can make them and ship to my customers on a per-order basis. USA is main customer base but would be a bonus if they offer international shipping too.

Seen a few services but most of them seem to integrate with Shopify and I’m personally more of a WP/WooCommerce person.


Instagram DM limits, higher?

I use to run 20 or so accounts, would cycle it 7 dm’s per each account every 3 hours. I was getting blocked just about every week and then would swap in accounts, now I’ve been able to send out 20 dm’s in the same cycles being 20 every 3 hours per acco…

Need Advice, thanks before

hello everyone, i will to download a collection of adult images or magazine or anything about porn, and i will distribute them in some adult forums.
how can i make money, maybe like pay per download or so on.
I’m sure this will not make as much money as thousands, hundreds or millions, I just learned and this simple thing I want to try, maybe can earn a little money to start building website
I hope your comments

same IP means 1 owner?

Hi, I check DA PA IP on bulkdachecker and found out that two of my competitors have the same ip address, both sites obviously in the same niche
Does this mean it’s the same owner?