Solariscoin – the Hidden treasure!

Well, I might not be exactly right here. Solariscoin is not entirely HIDDEN; it’s quickly achieving the level that very few have achieved. In last one week, it has gained unbelievable numbers that reach over 300%! It is right now a kind of opportunity that might ACTUALLY better Bitcoin in terms of percentage of gains for the investors or say Litecoin which was actually the biggest surprise of the year!

Solaris(XLR) is a fairly distributed and decentralized nature of Cryptocurrency, it’s…

Solariscoin – the Hidden treasure!

Need help and suggestions

I am feeling lucky to join with your network.I am very new and want to make me introduce with all you .

take my regards and Hi!!

please pro people suggest to grow my online earning profile.I have IT knowledge but still searching a way to make me wea…

Best popup ad network?

What is the Best popup ad network today?
Are there still people who use this to make money?
Is it possible to combine Adsense and Pop-Up? i mean to work with Adsense and in the same time to work with PopUp ad network?
Can you recommend good popup ads n…

Bot Required

Bot needed to monitor specific twitter accounts.
I would like a script that monitors a specific Twitter account, it would need to check the account every second for new tweets.

The user would tweet something along the lines of “Todays coin: Litecoin (LTC)” The account would also tweet other things so it should only listen for tweets starting with “Todays coin:”.

As soon as a tweet is sent out starting with “Todays coin: Litecoin (LTC)” for example it would need to check to see if the coin…

Bot Required

Crypto Trading Platform

I need a crypto trading exchange similar to bittrex or poloniex can anyone suggest a price for the project and the time and duration it should take to be completed.

From what i understand its similar to the penny auction script please correct me if i…