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Engagement groups

Hey guys I hope you can help me!

I have a 20k account that doesent seem to grow anymore.. I used to do. follow/unfollow but stopped when I read it kills your account and hurts engagement.. right now I have to buy likes to make my engagement look good and I lose followers everyday
I tried using powerlikes but they didn’t seem to work at all, I also tried engagement groups like fuelgroups maybe 3 times but I didn’t get any new followers.. can someone help me?

How to get accepted by adsense, remove search function and login

So I have read that if you have a login function on your website then the bots will automatically ban your website, and possibly the same if you have a search bar.

The reason for the login is that google doesn’t know what is behind your login page and they can’t accept your site if they can’t see all of the pages.

Here is the problem guys, I have a wordpress website and I have quite a few members who are registered here. Is it possible that I can somehow disable the whole login function…

How to get accepted by adsense, remove search function and login

PHP Developer – I work for you one week free!

Hello Dear Friends,
My name is Jessica Marks, I am working at Medma Infomatix.

Key highlights

5+ years of accumulated talent and professional experience in PHP programming
Skilled in hardware operating systems and network procedures
Exceptional hist…

How do i know my visitors is bot or real people?

My site got a tonsof traffic and i dont know why.
Analytics show visitors from reddit, youtube, fb, twitter, soundcloud etc.

Before i have 3k per day and now the last 5 days i have 55K visitors/ 155K pageviews mostly from social media.

i tried to sea…