Hello BHW!

I am interested in learning more about making money online and this seems like a fun community. Looking forward to learning from everyone.


Hi all. Newbie here. I’ve been studying online marketing. I recently tested FB ads with Shopify. So far, I haven’t found a winning combination but I’ll continue testing.

I’m presently studying SEO, backlinking, building wordpress pages to promote Clickbank/Affiliate products, building parasite sites, etc.

It will be nice to have a place to ask questions and bounce ideas off when I run into brick walls.

~ Bob

Need Some Guidance Before I Take Over Youtube

Hey everyone sorry for clickbaiting lol I need some advice on how one would go about building a massive army of accounts to be subscribed , view , like and comment on all my videos so it looks like my channel is highly active. I was thinking of boosting to around 100k subscribers and I always make videos on trends and do instagram as well with the right marketing and seo backing that up should hopefully get me to 1 million. I don’t have thousands to invest but I know i would need proxies,…

Need Some Guidance Before I Take Over Youtube

Tips for Creating & Maintaining a Pseudonymous Facebook Account?

Hello! I’m a romance writer publishing under a pseudonym (because I’m actually a guy), and I need to create a ‘fake’ FB account using my pseudonym. I just need the one, and don’t intend to do anything spammy or scammy with it – just participating in some writer groups, interacting with fans, etc.

What I need, mainly, is for it to not get shut down by FB – preferably ever. A few years back I had a fake account, just used for playing silly games, that got shut down (well, insisted on phone or…

Tips for Creating & Maintaining a Pseudonymous Facebook Account?

Paypal Dispute Resolution Process | Question

I’ve found a guy out here who offered me his service for reviews and once I transferred money to his Paypal he stopped replying to my texts.

He is not replying to PM almost 24 hours.

I’m getting worried that something might have hep…and I was just scammed by this person.

I’ll be probably waiting for 72 hours at a minimum before informing of my intention to shitlist him.

The question I wanted to ask you guys how long it takes from Opening a Paypal dispute to getting money back to my…

Paypal Dispute Resolution Process | Question

Selling my $20,000/year business

Since 2013 I have been the owner and developer of PinBot “the Pinterest automation tool a.k.a. Pinterest bot”. With over 1000 customers and 3000 trial users I have earned over $60,000.

Right now I am selling the business to pursue other opportunities in a different industry.

What I am selling

  • PinBot v1/2/3 and PinBotAI source code – developed in NetBeans using Java SE v8.
    (*) PinBot 3.0 and earlier versions are no longer supported/working but do contain useful code…

Selling my $20,000/year business