cannot even buy bitcoin by credit card?

for the 5th day coinbase wont let me verify ID.

register at coinmama, login, and it says not available in georgia.
login my VPS in Pensylvania where it’s available, and still does not work?

i used ip locator, and find my IP at Penn. how come it doesnt work?

Who can be became virtual CEO or PM for us?

I find a virtual CEO or PM.
He/She need to create verified account on
We can earn more $10 000 monthly with an account.
Then you can earn 10% of totals.
The verifying is needed to call your video and more somethings.
If you have a good skil…

What this code means?


Found this code on a website, with “View Page Source” via Firefox.

Can anyone help me out with “decoding” this?


The full code is here:

    <title>Keyword title</title>

    <meta name="Keywords" content="keywords,etc">
    <meta name="Description" content="Welcome Keywords!">

What this code means?

Cashing out big gains and taxes

Not that I have this problem (yet), but wondering for US peeps, what do you do in the situation where you’ve had really big gains like into six figures a year.

Do you take lump sum and cut a fat check to the IRS right away, or do you withdrawal just enough to keep you below the largest tax bracket?

Also, if you leave USD on the coin exchanges such as GDAX at the end of the year because you’re planning to reinvest, does that count as profit (assuming you gained)? What if you reinvest it all…

Cashing out big gains and taxes

Does hosting location matters?

So far, I’ve used only hosting from the US. However, in the past 3 months, I switched to hosting in Canada and noticed that my website is not ranked for but ranked for Google Canada. What if I used a web hosting located in Bulgaria? Will my website ranked for Google Bulgaria only but not other locations?