How Can I Accept All Follow Requests At Once?

hello my instagram profile is private and i didnt accept the requests for long time and i think almost 3 or 4 k (maybe more) requests waiting.So when i set it to public they not be accepted there another way to accept all requests at o…

How to Add Overlay Links on Twitter Videos?

Hi, everybody!

I’ve just seen this tweet on Fiverr official account:


Take a look at clickable overlay link on the video… First time I see this. Obviously I was looking for “how to” but didn’t found anything.

Does anybody know?

─░nstagram verified

Hi ,
I need instagram verified
I have read the instagram
Some people are not famous
How ? verified
I need to learn
Paid or free
Thank you
skype: s_g_seQkly

Hi i’m new

Hi i’m Sami Shaikh And im Software engineer and i hope i will learn some new things here and make some friends

Twitter is locking accounts immediately after unlocking???

Anyone else is having this problem? Many of our 60+ accounts got locked yesterday. When I am unlocking with phone call or sms it unlocks and get locked again.

I don’t have so many SIM cards and it even useless to unlock so I am appealing by email. Two of big accounts got locked for the 3-4th time today.

Their response email is:


Your account is now unlocked, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Twitter has automated systems that find and remove automated spam accounts and it…

Twitter is locking accounts immediately after unlocking???

Local SEO – How to Take a Client to the Next Level

I have one client that is my bread and butter for my income locally. He is a plumber. He ranks on about the 2nd or 3rd page for most of his main keywords. His website is only 3 monthes old and we are proud of his brand and overall online image which I designed. I also cleaned his listings etc. I am a graphic designer by trade so SEO, link building and all of this stuff that makes websites get a crazy amount of traffic – I really don’t understand. Futhuremore, I dont want to f*uck up his site…

Local SEO – How to Take a Client to the Next Level