How proxy IPs are generated?


So there are many proxies available on the internet. there are free ones and there are paid ones.
How are the made/generated/created?
Can I create a fresh and dedicated proxy IP myself which would be located in my country and would be static …

Dailymotion revenue

Hello, I made a Dailymotion channel to earn some money.
I do the youtube method before, but I get cents for 10k views… so I just stop.
so this is my stats:

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I use websyndic for that,
now I change the settings to:
300sec, u…

Earn 10$ to 100$+ daily with Snapchat CPA


It’s time for another making money thread. Big credits to @iPinner for creating this thread. He shared this method already in 2015 with the community. I’m going to share the same method with extra information and my own twist. This method is blackhat, you…

Earn 10$ to 100$+ daily with Snapchat CPA

Products on Category pages – Linkjuice question

I have an ecommerce site, selling for example football shoes.
There are close to 100 of them in this “Football shoes” category.
Like adidas, nike, blue, red, striped etc..

How many products should I show to costumers in the category ( before the “show-more/next” button? (pagination has been used in this case)

I want to rank category pages the most. Longtail keywords and individual product pages are not so important.
Is it right that the less product i have…

Products on Category pages – Linkjuice question