Blocking Internet Access…

Hey guys, my next door neighbor is my brother who is a cheap bastard. He doesn’t make the most money but I don’t like him taken advantage. When I moved in our duplex, I had an extra box for cable. I let him use it so he doesn’t have to pay his cable (helping family). However, I told him not to log on my wifi if he can see my passcode on the TV that shows the account. Every once in a while I see his Android on my wifi… so I disable it.

How do I make sure he doesn’t use my wifi without…

Blocking Internet Access…

Hello everyone.

I’ve decided to sign up at least.

I know this forum since 3 years i think, more or less… I work in the ict but not in this niche. During my days at work i always think how to make a great website and improve my life having succes with my ideas. Unfortunately my laziness stop me doing any project xd.

One of the idea is to make a good stream site but i’m hesitant due the copyright infringiment…

I hope my doubts will get clarifield till i’m with you and to have a good stay. :)

Proxy/VPN recommendation

I’m struggling to earn some decent money from OGAds. Working on BH niche, promoting on YT.
All of my videos are live proofs of growing resources in games. Unique, quality videos, made by me for each niche.
But I have this problem in promoting them.
Lately, YT strikes my videos very fast (mess than 1 min).
So, probably my IP has some problems.
What should/could I use to hide my IP. What recommendation do you have for me?

I’ve been receiving weird visits to my blog | Is it bot traffic? How to avoid that

Hey guys,

Lately I’ve been receiving more than 10 visits that have many things in common:

  • USA IP address
  • The resolution of the device is the same 1440 x 900
  • The browser is unknown and it’s always from Linux
  • It only visits the homepage.


Is it bot traffic? Can it hurt my rankings or something? What can I do about it?

When I check the traffic source it tells me that’s…

I’ve been receiving weird visits to my blog | Is it bot traffic? How to avoid that

Popads 4000+ impressions 0 visits

I’m not understanding if my campaign is setup properly so thiught id ask you guys.

I’ve set up a tabunder campaign and have had 4000 impressions in 5-6 minutes. I have used google analytics and there is 0 views (analytics setup correct have checked)

Can someone help in letting me know if this is normal

Thousands of CVs…How to monetize this?


I was searching the web when i accidently found that thousands of fresh CVs are apperaring on Google web pages from a Government’s website which is a plateforme for people to apply for Goverment’s jobs. Those CVs are in PDF, DOC formats. It seems that the guys working on the plateforme failed to protect their database as it’s exposed to public and appearing on Google.

I thought about take profit from this through creating a job website and an email list from these CVs or i don’t know ….

Thousands of CVs…How to monetize this?

Does anybody know what type of text viral pages are using for videos?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering which type of text viral facebook pages are using for adding text and description to their videos. You know that description that appears on the videos..

I know you can add text in after effects but i don’t know which type they use.

Titles, lower thirds and so on..Does anybody know?

I want to start create some videos translating what is being said in that videos. Also is there any other software to create this type of videos than after effects , because…

Does anybody know what type of text viral pages are using for videos?