What are the best places to buy Bitcoin with Paypal

I am looking at buying with paypal, however there is no straight forward way.
And those available on localbitcoins have some nasty prices.

Lately I found paxful, but their prices are nasty as well.
Looking at wirexapp. Seems promising, but I have to see what the fees and final the final price.

What’s your experience with paypal – bitcoin ?

My web 2.0 disappeared from google search

Hey guys

3 days ago i made a new web 2.0 blogger blog ( by new verified Gmail account ) and i made a new GMT account and added the blog .. Next day i found my new blog indexed in google ( site:blablabla ) but today i detect that it disappeared from …

can we just get together and help each other ?

Hi guys,
i’ve seen too many of us struggling to make few bucks daily,
everyone of us can do something pretty good but needs support and help from others
why don’t we make our own traffic ? and we can get it bigger everyday ?
we will have our own rules which just intend to make money
i have no plans but we can figure it out together
what do you think ?

Extremely effective link building strategy. How can I do the same?

When checking my competitor’s backlinks I’ve found this page:
Section #4 has 6 links (except link to Google maps). Not all of them are underlined, so better see source code. Links are inserted right inside the article. All of linked sites are ranking well in their niches, including my competitor. He has dozens of same kind of links and outranks everybody in my niche. This…

Extremely effective link building strategy. How can I do the same?

SpinnerChief 5 Ultimate can’t pass copyspace

Hello everybody,

I recently bought SpinnerChief 5, but I have a issue with this software. I’m trying to spin article in different methods, but I can’t pass copyspace premium. Always catch up with something. Maybe I don’t know how to use this software properly or this software piece of crap and it does not pass copyspace anymore.