Hello Guys,
A friend of mine working in the Block-chain bus. in NY told me that a system crash is expected on AUG 1st and thats why the prices of all CryptoCoins is going down.
If BTC survives this technical crash on July 31st midnight, its price is ex…

Sport Channel on Youtube

Hi guys, I had seen a lot pf video on YT for highlight sport like soccer, badminton etc with adsense on it ( means they make money on ti ).. I just wonder how is their ways not to get strike of copyright..
Perhaps one of member in here could share how …

How I Sell a 1 day Shout-out for $50

I manage an Instagram account that is related to a niche I love. I’ve told in my other posts that it’s not what i do majorly for money that’s why I’m a bit selective in giving shout-outs.

So i have 21k followers and in this range you can hardly sell $10 worth shout-outs even as a permanent post.

Though you can’t do much if you use some service to get clients, so I’m talking about those who directly contact you (via DM).

As soon as they ask you about shout-outs or if you get a feel…

How I Sell a 1 day Shout-out for $50

Best Proxies for Instagram ?

Puds, I am looking for proxies for my instagram project. Bought like 50 accs but dont want them to be banned due to some punky Proxy problem.

So, puds can you please suggest me some proxies that would be best for me.

with regards- BadPanda69

Help me to solve this

Hello Guys,
I am developing a WordPress website with this free template.

But I have an issue.

Please tell me how can I replace a slider with this huge “Home” bar.
Thanks in advance.

Comer es una parte importante de la construcción muscular. Necesita comer más seguido y comer más proteína. Debe comer aproximadamente cada 2.5 horas, lo que equivale a aproximadamente 6 comidas por día. Al extender sus comidas a lo largo del día, mejorará la asimilación muscular y se asegurará de que su cuerpo siempre tenga las calorías que necesita para la construcción y reparación de los músculos.

Steven Wong es el fundador de SW Fitness. Ayudando a la comunidad en todo el mundo a…

Digital Goods in Ebay

Since ebay doesnt allow selling digital goods specially when email, pass and account ID is included to your service which other site can I sell my product?