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I live in Hong Kong (near Shenzhen) – let me know if you want JV

Like the title says, I live in Hong Kong and can easily travel to Shenzhen.

The reason I am sharing this info is because someone reading this might have an idea/ or need to source a product made in China or any derivative therein! I’d be happy to help out if I deem there to be a mutual fit.

I’m only asking because you never know how a reply might come back.

Save $1,000 With These 5 Phone Calls

Just stumbled upon this again. I used this a year and a half ago, saved $800/Yr and plus got an upgrade from 100mbps to 200mbps for free. My friends saved thousands upon thousands in total through this trick – Thanks Ramit Sethi.

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Sooo I need a new reliable proxy provider. Suggestions?

Proxymillion shat out on me. For some reason all of the accounts under proxymillion got a temp ban for liking today. And they didn’t even do more than 50 yesterday (due to vps problem), and today they all got stuck at 10-90 likes before being banned. The reason I’m pretty sure it’s the proxy is what I just mentioned (the fact that they barely did any liking at all), and the fact that the only account not using their proxy is fine. All of the accounts have seperate (and safe) settings and…

Sooo I need a new reliable proxy provider. Suggestions?

How to fully disable sound in Firefox?

Does anyone know how to disable sound for Firefox permanently?

I used an extension called “muter,” but the problem with it is that after I close Firefox and open it again, sound is playing again until I click the muter to mute. And even though the muter extension has the option to Remember the mute and stay muted, that option doesn’t seem to work unfortunately.

Is there any way to completely disable sound in Firefox?


[TUT and CODE] How to Fake your Referer, Fake Referer Any Offer, Fake Referrer Script

Here is a script I made for Content Lock Pro buyers which will provide Fake Referer functionality.

I have decided to share with BHW for free – awesome for when you don’t quite have
the <cough> right <cough> type of traffic :)

It will allow you to fake http referer when sending traffic.
Spoof referer, fake http refer, fake referrer, they can all be done.

We all know the value of a decent solution, and this one works in all
browsers tested so far.

Reports on further test results…

[TUT and CODE] How to Fake your Referer, Fake Referer Any Offer, Fake Referrer Script

Question about Instagram ?

Hey i just want to start my own instagram business but i’m totally new in limit of follow and unfollow and post .

I have PVA Instagram Accounts Wtih some Followers And Followings accounts already, rang between ( 0 – 300 Follower )

can any one help Me