Hey guys, what up?

I’m AJ. I’m here because I just got fired from a high paying job. I’m hustling during this holiday season to get another paycheck but at the same time I want to build some income streams of my own so I don’t have to sweat like I’m sweating now. Plus, I really really hate the rat race.

I would gather I’m a little bit older than most of you guys, but I’m a total noob and I want vacuum up info.

Facebook Accounts Question

Hello everyone, I’m new here. To begin I have a question about Facebook.

Me and my former room mate shared the same Internet IP and now long after he’s gone I’ve found out he was making multiple Facebook accounts to the point several got banned and disabled.

Now when I try to create a new account for me or anyone else it will automatically go to a page asking to upload an image for any new account. Even after this is done and will continue to do this even after successfully completing…

Facebook Accounts Question

Five COST-FREE Hobbies Every Content Writer Should Consider Taking Up

Hobbies? Stop your dilly-dallying mister, I haven’t seen the light of day for the last three months. Come to think of it, did the apocalypse happen, is humanity finally gone?

I can barely muster up the courage to open the damn door once delivery is knocking on the door, don’t tell me about no travelling or exploring the world, tired of hearing that in every damn article…

No, this isn’t going be one of those article that urge you to travel or explore new places, we’ve all got it at this…

Five COST-FREE Hobbies Every Content Writer Should Consider Taking Up

CBD Gummy Bears

Women are regularly hesitant to carry out weight schooling for fat and weight reduction due to CBD Gummy Bears fact they do not want to get all bulked up. CBD Gummy Bears truth is that women’s muscle groups are not designed to bulk up, and it takes steroids and years of tough weight training for girl’s body builders to attain that form of muscle tissues. Resistance weight schooling in ladies truly reduces muscle groups by eliminating CBD Gummy Bears fat “marbling,” just like you see in a…

CBD Gummy Bears

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Without a Website/Squeeze Page – Tips Needed

Hello guys,

Totally new here and in affiliate marketing.

So the question is pretty straightforward. How do I sell CB products without a website?

Currently, I managed to pull in $166 in total sales in less than a month using my Facebook food page of 250,000 followers (obviously I am competing in a food niche).

But my commission sales are not yet enough to build a website.

So let’s say I am going to stick to selling CB products without a website, what strategy, technique, or platform…

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Without a Website/Squeeze Page – Tips Needed

Will they suspend my videos?

Hello, i added 1000 views on my video with a paid service, views went from 876 to 1876, but in the search list video appears as 876 views. Did they suspect anything? Or youtube takes time to count these views on the search list?

Best place to purchase?

Hello guys, lately i’ve been watching ‘XPR amd some other coins and I do want to invest in them. Whats the best platform where you can buy and store them? Buying dirextly with EU? Where verification process is fast and customer sirvice is on point.

I have purchased Ledger Nano S, but it will arrive next month, and i dont want to miss thia chance?


Need help figuring out how to get paid.

So I have 0 problems paying taxes on this business I would like to run.
I would not like the people paying me for my products to be able to figure out who I am.
I am not selling anything illegal or anything like that.
I am trying to get awa…