Hello from an old ad guy

Hello! I am an old advertising agency/IT guy who is moving over to manage affiliate programs in the medical/physician services space in the US.

I know how to search a forum, so I won’t be asking many questions.

Can proxy in Germany be used to add friends in Serbia?

I’ll be trying to do some friend adding automatisation on Facebook. I’ll be using proxies to do the job. The problem is that in Serbia there are no proxies! I can easily find German proxies and similar. If I use a German proxy to acccess Facebook, will Facebook block my accounts if I start adding people from countries outside Germany?

How to exclude part of a page from being indexed?

I want to add a promotional message to most of my webpages on my site. However I’m concerned that as a lot of my pages are under 500 words (and there is a valid reason for this) that it will cause internal duplicate content issues. I’ve had this sort of thing before and I know it causes pages to drop out of the Google index.

How can I stop this promotional content being indexed?

I’ve seen people recommend ajax pulling the content from a page that had a robots.txt blocking Google?


How to exclude part of a page from being indexed?

Need help with email marketing.

Hi, Im kinda new to email marketing so i need someone who has good experience with setting up a good campaign for email marketing. I already have a list of data that i would like to use for mailing. Thanks!