Tumblr & adsense

Hi guys
i want to start with Tumblr account but i wanna know if it saves to put Adsense on Tumblr blogs

If yes, which is best but Adsense code directly on Tumblr blogs or drive traffic to my website or both of them

any advices or suggestions??

I learned a lot from BHW in past two weeks

It has been two weeks since I joined this forum, what an awesome place to learn the secrets of IM. I’ve been fooled by many blogs, videos, web sites etc. about IM and their crazy earnings with little bit of effort (I never paid for their services or tools :), I wasted lot of time by reading/viewing their posts). First I believed their sayings but when I dig into the IM concepts, I realized that the things are not easy as they say. From the information I’ve learned in this two weeks, I…

I learned a lot from BHW in past two weeks

Clicks not converting.

Quick introduction, I introduced myself 6 months ago and vanished, a lot has happened since then. Quick story short, my friend and I are working on my friend’s dad’s online shoe store, we are the online division :cool: (it’s a small business nothing to big, just trying to sound fancy).

So the site has been online for 1 year before we started working on it (it has aged pretty long) up until now which is 1 year and a month aprox., we stared uploading the pictures of the products, we wrote…

Clicks not converting.

Good Java Developer

Hello everyone,
I am Saegar.
My question is I have good experience in Java.
I can do Rest api’s
Good in – Core Java, Adv Java, my sql, Maven, Spring boot.
How could i find a freelancing job related to my skills?
Please help!


Ranking Strategy

I’ve site which is 1 year old. It’s just simply sitting for the whole year.

Things done:-
Posted good well-researched articles around 10 (All articles are well-structured with 1k+ words each)
Links built (Only citations around 20) nothing else
Built Social Media profiles and shared articles over there.

Right now, it’s hanging around 8th page for the main keyword. Ahref shows it ranks for around 300 keywords from page 5-6+

So basically it’s an aged inactive site. Any strategy to rank it…

Ranking Strategy

Why Affiliate websites creation getting cheap?

OK mah first thread (except my intro).

I’ve always wondered why many services here in BHW marketplace that specializes in website creation are down to like $18 or $20. That price alone won’t cover the content AND the theme.

What is more surprising is that they are getting approved and people are buying.

Any thoughts?

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone,


It’s nice to see you here on this forum. I’m Harold from the beautiful islands of Philippines. I’m joining this forum to see if anyone could give me any tips on how can I find bloggers to help me with my online store. Any forums you can suggest, or any other way?

Thank you!

Help with increasing QS.

I started a new Adwords campaign for call-only ads and for most of my main keywords I get the status “Rarely shown due to low quality score”. When I look at the quality scores I see they are all 1 or 2. I did not expect quality scores of 6 or 7 right from the start, but I also did not expect them this low.

I’m not really sure what the best approach would be to improve my quality scores, so I am looking for some advice. Here is some more info:

Status: Rarely shown due to low…

Help with increasing QS.

porn reupload for make money

Hello. i started my journey 2 weeks before. i created account on crakrevenue then bought domain and hosting. also aws virtual pc. then upload 10 videos per day on xvideos. but my xvideos account banned in 3 days :( i created xvideos account again on my laptop then upload 6 to 8 video’s each day. again my xvideos account has been banned in 5 days :(
please anyone help me out. waiting for valuable suggestions…
i m new on blw. if i post in wrong thread so that i apologise for that. thanks