3000 Words Article vs 1000 Word Article For Ranking 1 Keyword – Need Advice

Was a bit hard to explain through the title only.

Let’s think about mobile phones as an example.

You want to rank for “Iphone X” is it better to:

Have a 3000 word article about all the different types of Iphones, explaining the features etc etc


A 1000 word article only about Iphone X.

In a perfect environment where you don’t touch either of them with any social signals, links etc in theory, which one would rank better in Google?

My first journey – instagram + cpa (no budget)

Hey BHW members. Hope you all doing great. This is my first journey/post here although i have been reading posts and journeys for a long time.
Tis journey will be using instagram to bring traffic to my website which has a content locker for my cpa account. The main problem is there’s no money to invest, so it’s gonna be hard and slow doing it all manually. My goal would be to work as hard as possible to get some money to invest in the same project.
What i have done so far

My first journey – instagram + cpa (no budget)

Affiliate Marketing ‘courses’

The f internet is full of those “successful internet marketer” who trying to sell you expensive training courses.
You know, they earn about 2000$/day and all they do is making videos every day telling people that..and how they have the knowledge to ‘share’ for only 799$…bla bla…..

Is anyone here bought some of those things ever?

What a h**l can they say you for 800 bucks?
I know that is ridiculous, and…

Affiliate Marketing ‘courses’

Need help with a paypal payment

I would like to buy a digital item with paypal but paypal is blacklisted in my country, I would like to get some one here to pay for me using paypal in exchange for btc payment from me. The item is $10.