How to Monetize my database of Installs?

Hello everybody!
I now have a database of about 23,000 unique windows desktop installs. Primarily USA/CA and a bit of Europe too. I have now been consistently getting about 400-500 unique installs a day through my own method. Now that all of this is o…

Verified blue tick on insta?

anyone can do that here? Lemme know, I need that and insta won’t give it to me.. I talked to them million times, they stupid ass lil dipshits, so if anyone here can somehow do that idk, lemme know man / woman : )

Instagram account issues

Recently another account I had on instagram was disabled, not linked to my other accounts in anyway. I tried logging in to my other account (via Iphone 6s) and it says there was a problem with your request upon logging in. Clearly the other banned acc…

Looking For Buying Fiverr Reviews

Hello! Thank You For Visiting Me, You Cute Human Being.

I need some people with solid Fiverr accounts (somewhat aged, accounts with previously bought gigs preferred) to come help me out – buy my service, leave a review. You pay for the gig, I pay for your review. ($3-$7 depending on how detailed your review is.)

I only have one gigs now and it’s only $ 5, I wanted to rank in fiverr f you’re interested in doing this, please DM me. If you can’t DM, leave a post…

Looking For Buying Fiverr Reviews