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Do you guys let deleted domains age before adding PBN links?

Title says it all.

When building a PBN from deleted domains do you let them age before you add links to your money website? As in you add content and let it just sit indexed for a month or so.

If so how long?

Is it different if the domain wasn’t niche related previously but you’ve now changed the niche?


Free VPN – currently to all users, as they are in BETA

All plans same list of features

  1. Whoami VPN – all things in one software
  2. No records of your VPN usage saved
  3. Unlimited traffic
  4. AES 128-bit encryption
  5. 24/7 customer support
  6. Many servers worldwide
  7. Unlimited server switching
  8. Available for Windows and OS X
  9. P2P allowed and many more features

PS: Site ain’t mine just got via Googling ;)

This Is How I Do a Keyword Research.

Hi Flocks,

I was out of this BHW forum for some time, I earned some money outside the internet for expenses.
I wanted to earn some handful of $ via blogging. so I am starting a how-to/tutorial blog and monetize with Adsense

So This Is How I Do a Keyword Research. (i don”t know how much right this is, I am not an SEO pro)
Please share your steps too.


  • Semrush
  • Kwfinder…

This Is How I Do a Keyword Research.

How do i manage multiple fb accounts.

I am going to buy 5 facebook accounts and warm up the accounts so i can later use them for facebook ads. I’m aware that its best to use one ip per account. I already know where to get residential ips, but how do i use a different ip one for each account? Do i have to switch it Every time i log into a different account? Is there a software to use for this?

Issues with Google Indexing

Yesterday I checked my website in google webmaster & in google index > index status it shows total indexed 0
Here are some screenshots of my webmaster account.
Kindly please let me know if there an issue with:

In second screenshot it shows 0 in…