Cold Caller needed to call UK Landlines


I need a cold caller to call UK Landline offices promoting my product.

individual MUST speak EXCELLENT english, if you do not have excellent english please do not waste my time or your time.

must be quick witted and able to make SALES.


Good advice from tunescool’s threads

So, i’ve been frustrated by how many times OP posts for pretty basic stuff but the advice/support he got from community is unreal.

I took the time to go through his threads for close to an hour, here’s what I gathered.

(not trying to cyberbully OP, don’t ban me pls)

Lessons from this 2 thread:

– Don’t…

Good advice from tunescool’s threads

Looking for some help

I need someone to help me with my shop. No experience necessary. Just need you to post on a few forums and bump ur threads a few times a day. Shouldn’t take more than 15min a day. It would also help if the person would post for me on other platforms as…

Hello Guys!

Hi Everyone,
I’m getting back here, after some time. I lost my old account yet hope to be accepted soon again and able to join serious discussions. I’ve been in the business for more a few years now, mostly links shorteners and generally popads, site monetization. Now I’m into mining, and I have serious interest in real working miners. I hope to find here a community that have experience on crypt mining, and good knowledge on possibilities to make profit for us all. If you have any opinion…

Hello Guys!

How to translate WordPress default strings?

Hi, I am translating a wordpress website but how can I translate the defaults fields that belong to the theme not set by the webmaster?
For example there is a “Search box”, and I don’t find any field for it?
And also there is an “Upload box section” and “Select the file to upload”, these strings are automatically written by the theme, how can I change the Wordpress theme language to change all these strings at once?

Thank you

How much you got banned acc’s over weekend?


I just want to know +- stats how much % of accounts you got banned this weekend? Im asking this just to know if there is something bad with my setup, because i got 50% banned. Im talking about spam accs with links.

Thanks who will share info