FB business PAGE flagged, 9 years old + 35k followers… =-(

Facebook business page flagged — do I have any recourse? For whatever reason (still don’t know) my business page with 35k followers was flagged so any ad account I use to promote that page or make a conversion/traffic ad using that page gets auto-banned.

Other than creating a brand-new business page is there a way to not lose 35k followers… maybe merging pages? or disassociating something about the business page? Seems a shame to lose 35k followers on a 9 year old business page over…

FB business PAGE flagged, 9 years old + 35k followers… =-(

My WordPress site got hacked. What should I do?

Okay so long story short:

I started a new WordPress site last August, and stopped updating it sometime around November. I didn’t put a lot work into it, there was only around 20~ articles on it.

Then I completely forgot about it until a few days ago. I wanted to start working on it again, and when I tried logging into my admin account I wasn’t able to. I had to go through cPanel to get in.

Once I finally managed to log-in through cPanel I saw that my admin account was changed to…

My WordPress site got hacked. What should I do?

QUESTION: Would it make sense to buy 10.000 high retention YT Views for this video?

Hello guys,
I’ve already made a few bucks from the Internet and i obviously want to make more! :)
I want to rank my YouTube Video about free gift cards higher, so I ask you if it makes sense to buy 10.000 high retention views for a video that offers “gift cards”.
The video currently has 50 views.

I am a noob when it comes too CPA, so I need your help.

Thanks for your help and for your tips! :)

Journey: 1000 usd per day – step to step[newbie]

Hi, My name is Leandro, I am from Colombia, I am 18 years old. I’ve been learning IM since he was 14 years old, but I’ve only earned 5 dollars.

I think this is because I want to learn everything about a topic and I only learn and do not put into practice what I learn, besides that I give up quickly when something does not work the first time. But this will change! I will set some realistic goals and reach them. I write this here to motivate myself every day and give and receive knowledge of…

Journey: 1000 usd per day – step to step[newbie]

Buying Sape Links, Need Few Suggestions

Hi friends, I’m new here as well as I’m planning to do some invest in the sape links. Kindly suggest me some good source for buying it. Don’t suggest me any network which will give me the temporary or monthly link – I just need complete access.

As well as I wanted to know, what are the matric you guys normally see when you give such link to your money site. Your help will be highly appreciated :)