Alternative To Luminati Proxies?

I’m looking to start selling Proxies (Residential preferred, but DataCenter works) the only issue I’m having is the Luminati does not allow for reselling.

Yes, before you all come here to comment “Use Google” “We can’t spoonfeed you” “You’re so lazy” nope it’s not any of those…I’ve searched Google long and hard to find endless results of “Residential Proxies vs DataCenter Proxies…” and other articles discussing the matter.

I’m not looking for Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter proxies but…

Alternative To Luminati Proxies?

Buy Electroneum NOW! Profit big tomorrow!

Some of you may already know about Electroneum, the live wallets are finally going to be released tomorrow at 12 mid day UK time! (can check the live timer on the electroneum site) check your time timezone to convert, this will be around the best time to sell it once it’s up! be sure to be online around that time.

The prices are highly predicted to be $1/2 easily or more when the wallets are released tomorrow.

The current price is $0.0992, and they are being traded on cryptopia exchange…

Buy Electroneum NOW! Profit big tomorrow!

YouTube video auto play on Facebook

how can i make a YouTube video auto-plays on Facebook
i know how to make a third party video on Facebook but i want it to be auto-played. every time the user pass by it
please tell me if that is possible or if there is an alternative way

Quality service for Social Signals?

I bought different social media packages for backlinks here on blackhatworld. But to tell the truth, you get what you pay for. All I got are spammy and empty social accounts which just can not be worth anything.

So my question is, anyone knows about a service which offers real looking accounts with other content than just spammy backlinks and shares. It’s clear that you have to pay more for these but I haven’t found any.

How to Link to Site in YT video?

Since September 27, one has to be part of the YouTube Partner Program in order to be able to verify a domain name to place outgoing links using card directly from within the video.

For this, you need at least 10K views. I’m working on getting there.

In the meantime – any solutions or alternatives to this as annotations are gone and cards seem to be the only way? I of course have links in my description.

Gonna test a few things but would like to hear your standpoint. Cheers.