Using a static Homepage for a PBN?

Hi Guys,

Im building my own PBN Right now and already 2 PBN Sites are designed as a Blog with Full lenght Blog Post on the Homepage.

I think if all of my sites just Look like a Blog it could be a footprint.

So is it possible to Design some of my pbn…

Social.Sphere: new ICO Free!

Hello and happy new year!
If you believe you have missed an opportunity with Bitcoin and are undecided about what to do … I give you a free opportunity
You risk nothing, just use your email to have 50 t…

Myadtools closing.

I just found out my ad tools is closing . i’m sure people here use their bots. what’s your take on this and what will you use now or solution be now that you can no longer use myadtools…?

Ethercraft – An Ethereum RPG Game is about to blow up!

Hi guys,

Just a few hours ago, a new decentralised RPG game based on the Ethereum Blockchain was revealed:…nning-on-the-ethereum-blockchain-3931bea40b3b

Although this game is still being developed, you can already start trading and purchasing items. If you missed the cryptokitties craze, then now might be a good time to get involved.

I’ve already 2x my…

Ethercraft – An Ethereum RPG Game is about to blow up!

Android App’s Empire Journey To make (10$ a day)

Hey ,
This is my first journey on BHW . I am starting this journey in order to motivate myself and others to take action .

I will upload app’s to play store , in order to make 10$ a day from them . Apps will be in WALLPAPER niche . I will upload as many apps possible , so that i can make 10$ a day from all the apps .

I will try…

Android App’s Empire Journey To make (10$ a day)

did i just found a good niche?

heyyy just a noob heree iv been reading the forum day and night and iv thought to finaly give it a shot
im thinkin of makin a site and ranking itt im totalyy a noob at seo but im learning fast
i thought i use clickbank with a micro niche website i did …

Traffic Spikes from My Facebook Page Help!!!

Traffic spikes from link posts to my Facebook page are bringing my site down. What is the best web hosting and plugins to use so this doesn’t happen when posts do good on Facebook. My site keeps going down when I post and I don’t know how to fix it. Pl…