yees i’m in

Hello everybody!

I’m happy to be in the forum! I hope i will find a lot of new information & conversations in here! I currently don’t have lots of experience in SEO (online the onpage & backlink basics). My goal is to learn to make more money online with the help of this forum!

I already made some money with a fitness book that i published on amazon but i’m looking forward to new projects!

Best Regards

[Journey] My Journey to 500$ a day in the Movie Niche

Hey everyone, this is my first journey thread and thought I’d share my I’ve done with the community. Since I was always one of them guys that say oh ill try that one day, I decided to just DO IT as you cant say you tried when you don’t start somewhere. So I was thinking of doing something to for some extra income and I have some extra time to thought I would build a website. I was always into the movie niche and thought I’d start there (I know everyone says its over…

[Journey] My Journey to 500$ a day in the Movie Niche

SEO converts only 10%, need help

I am using OGADS + SEO (adwords) and I cant get high coversion rates, on average its around 10% and i lose 3-4$ every day.
I do PPC with 0.06$ for a click on google adwords, and filtered the locker ads to be at least 0.6$ to match my conversion rate. …

[Tutorial]Buy installs to your app with Facebook

Do not use any services what can provide CPI installs to your apps. Services like ayetstudios, cpimobi, and others are just scam in 2017. They are using cash reward apps like this:…

36 Online Reputation Guides/Lead Magnets

I gathered these for a few reasons,

  • See how other ORM firms create their lead magnets to entice visitors to optin
  • See how each company emphasizes dealing with ORM in terms of using white hat and grey hat methods
  • See what the competition is in this niche

Now that I have what I need I wanted to share these with the forum, some of these are niche based like hotels, and others are topical like how to deal with negative reviews. There’s a few helpful articles mixed in.


36 Online Reputation Guides/Lead Magnets

How can I send DMCA to google

There is a website that uploaded on his own server and website all the videos I’m publishing on my youtube channel (It’s an old youtube channel, I made around 300 videos from 2013 and all them has been reuploaded on his website)
Usually I don’t care that much about stolen content (it’s not my main money project and I don’t earn much), but this guy it’s a real dickhead. He didn’t put any backlinks or credit to my channel and what’s worst… a guy asked him when new video will be…

How can I send DMCA to google