Need Someone With Aged Amazon Account (Paying $150-200 per week)

Hello guys, I basically need someone with an personal aged amazon account from USA (personal because it needs to have your phone number, etc in case if Amazon wants to verify the account), I will need the person to leave the account turned on in Teamviewer 24/7 to I make purchases for my business.

I can’t make orders from my account because I’m not from United States so I can’t buy the products I need.

I will pay $150-200 for this, maybe even more if the account works good and the person…

Need Someone With Aged Amazon Account (Paying $150-200 per week)

Organizing cables

How do you all organize your cables and cords and whatever? Mine are a huge tangled mess and I’d like to fix it, somehow. What do I need to do that? Twisty ties, maybe?

Looking For a Sorting Bot/Method


I have about 150K instagram accounts scraped and i would like to sort them on the amount of followers the account has, is there any way to do that or do i need to have a sorter coded for me? It is a experiment so i don’t want to put a lot of money in it right away.

Any help or suggestion is much appreciated



Help with SEO questions

Hi guys, looking on some help/tips on these SEO related interview questions:

1) Looking at the Analytics details, a customer noticed a deepness on mobile traffic only. He requested some clarification so you are now called to provide your knowledge an…

good day from scandinavia

Good day BHW from Scandinavia.
im a good guy with many bad knowledge.

have good knowledge in cryptocurrency market.
doing my best to be a good guy

and i know some of the best on the dnm in carding and similar work.

have a great time ppl =)

what do u thing i must use ssl or not ?


i work with my site and i rank good in google, But im useing the site without SSL so i know at the ssl good to rank lit better on google But I’m a little afraid to move on to sll cuz i have good backlinks and PBN do the my domain like that not with ssl ! So what do u thing ?

if i move to ssl is good to better result in google ? and what about backlinks and pbn ?

thank u