[HELP] I need some help here guys.

Hi guys.. I really appreciate who can help me here in my problem.

I use the freenom domain to frame cloaking my pre lander. Its all doing good and fine until the next morning. When I check the domain. It got the message “502 Bad Gateway” and not going to my landing page. How to solve this guys?. Can anyone help me here?. I’m doing Instagram+CPA right now.

Advance thank you and have a nice day.

PS:sorry for my bad english.

instagram accounts

i just bought some aged instagram accounts (2-3 years old)
should i wait a couple of days before i can monetize them or its ok to do so right away
cant wait to hear your tips and answers

Glad to be here (finally)!

I’ve ended up on this site every now and then over the years, always grateful for the transparent information shared. Decided to make it official and invest 30 seconds into an account creation! But in all seriousness, I’m certainly looking forward to learning and growing in this community, and of course contributing where I can. Cheers!

Aliexpress extremly slow? (Shopify)


Anyone else having issues with Aliexpress being extremly slow? It’s been like this for 3-4 days now and it’s really frustrating trying to fulfill orders, every time you click somwhere you have to wait 3-5 min..

Just me?


Looking for best DMCA Ignored | offer VPS/Dedicated with cPanel,


I’ve been looking this from google it’s hard to find.

Control Panel: cPanel/WHM
Operating System: Latest of CentOS 7.x
Ignored of DMCA in EUROPE only.
RAM: 6 to above – 64GB
CPU: 4 to above – 12 core
Bandwidth: unmetered or unlimited.
Network: 100Mbps or 1Gbit speed up connection.
Budget: $10 to above – $60 EURO, not Dollar.


Instagram – I think I’m done

I’m seriously just about done with Instagram. My engagement has taken another hit this week and I don’t know why. I haven’t posted much in September and now I’m back and I’m down another 50% on my already low engagement.

Here’s the results of a resent post – 37k followers. 3355 reach. 139 engagement. Stories not much better.

I used to get three to four time that engagement just in the first hour.

My thoughts on Instagram and its general direction is that it rewards quantity over quality….

Instagram – I think I’m done