Niche store vs general store.


I created a general store, I created about 9 categories, added about 3-4 products in each category, now I don’t know what to sell and also how to promote.

I’m so confused.

I need help, I want support from successful shopify store owners, where can I go?


iMacros scroll list

I need a script to scroll through a followers or follwing list. but even the script that I have that works. only scrolls once. it does go down far enough for instagram to populate the next set of users. any imacros users that have a working script?


Can PayPal see the name on a card?

Hey boys.

I’ve been thinking of adding my personal credit card to a PayPal with fake details in order to cash out, would it be an issue that the names don’t match? I think I read somewhere that PP can’t see the names.

Also a follow-up question, can I add my card to multiple accounts and just remove it after cashing out, or will PayPal see this at suspicious?

Thanks boys.

Working & Not Working Proxy Providers With Instagram

Hello all,

I’m hunting for the working provider that is going undetected currently on Instagram. I have spent over 100$ already on this quest to no avail yet. I will share what I have tested here. This will help you to avoid those who are flagged and will result in blocks. All providers are claiming it works and only a few are providing free trials so its easy to lose money on this one.

Not working providers (Temp blocks daily / weekly)

Working & Not Working Proxy Providers With Instagram

Hello everyone :)

I’ve been always interested in monetising online and I have always been overwhelmed with how many possibilities there are but I am looking forward to navigate this forum and build my journey in IM with the help from the knowledge shared here, and of course contribute my part when I’m able to share constructive feedback about my experience.