suggest me a good and cheap ssl?

I never use ssl on my website idk why i just dont like the confusion i get on redirecting and stuff so i dont like to mess around with it. But I know its a ranking factor and I want to get as much rankings signals and I can.
Now I know letsencrypt offers a free one but I want to get a paid one because I have a feeling google doesn’t like letsencrypt because even some spammy sites use it ( just my superstition though)

So can you guys recommend me a good one and can someone link me a guide…

suggest me a good and cheap ssl?

Instagram – post from PC

Hello guys!

Not using an emulator (android emulator), how can I post pics in Instagram account?

I have used Google Chrome for that, using that tip (right click, inspect element). But for some reason it is not working more for me today.

So, I have t…

Hi there, from Holland

He guys,

I’m reading a lot of the newbie forums and men I’m pumped to keep reading more! What a great community.

Hope to help others out when I can.

Greetings from Holland!

Can NEW forums be successful in 2017?

How hard is it to make a successful forum in 2017? And when I say ‘successful’ I’m talking a lot of members signing up and alot of posts/engagement. Is it hard to make a new forum nowadays, would I have to invest alot of money in advertising? Or am I just way off here and new forums are thriving in 2017?