Why don’t Amazon competitors step up their game

I send a ton of money to Amazon. I’d be happy to pimp Best Buy and Walmart if they attempted to beat Amazon in certain categories even if they have a much lower conversion.

Are these companies just stupid or what?

PS. What programs are you killing it with aside from Amazon?

Congrats to our new super mod, Zwielicht

I don’t know if any of you have noticed but there’s a mod who’s been doing an insane amount of work and, quite honestly, seeing red all over the forum is starting to bug me. So, to resolve this issue, we’ve decided that his username should be immediately changed to green.

@Zwielicht – you’ve been working tirelessly (and sleeplessly) to make the forum a better place and we’d like to make sure it’s recognised….

Congrats to our new super mod, Zwielicht

5 “hacks” to keep yourself motivated and not lose your shit

As you guys have probably heard, facebook is a shitshow right now, experience means shit and no one is safe. How I’m keeping me and my staff motivated:

Despite what your boss says – spend at least 5 mins a day daydreaming

There are proven studies that say daydreaming actually helps your productivity.

I have recently started to use an app called “calm” – it’s on android (not sure about iphone), it’s a freemium app but its worth the investment….

5 “hacks” to keep yourself motivated and not lose your shit


Pls guys is there any trusted bytecoin wallet i can use
and were can i exchange bytecoin for bitcoin"

Google Tag Manager

Dear Friends,

How many of you are aware of Google Tag Manager and Website Onsite integration process. Why i am asking this to you all members ?

Because Google Tag Manager consist of large volumes of keyword combinations . So you can add this Google T…

50 TerraByte of Music Mp3 + Shopify…

Hi I have a collection of around 50 TB of MUSIC mp3 files.

Can I open a Shopify for Digital Downloads and sell them?

The only problem are COPYRIGHTS as I don’t own the physical CDs -AND- all these Mp3s are downloaded.

Waiting your feedback, thanks a LOT…

Trying to Understand how blogging works

Finally, I have a working website (currently translating it into 5 languages), it is currently SEO optimised (so the web developer says) and has been submitted to the SE for indexing. I am trying to help the indexing along the way and also help to boos…