There was this girl who keeps on bothering me and my boyfriend for almost 2 years.
And I’m not that kind of person who took revenge.
For this time, I think I have to do something to make her stop all of her doings.
But I don’t know how.

She make a fake Facebook account of my boyfriend.
Posting that they were together and announcing to all that she was her girlfriend.
Though they were close before, from there she got some pictures with my boyfriend. And now she’s using that picture for…


My entire server is infected with malware

Some how my entire server has been compromised and malware installed in to every website i have. This is like 30 sites. Bluehost just keeps telling me I need to go through and check everything for malware. They have got to be f*cking kididng! There…

Hello BHW ppl

Hi guys,
I’m new member and i am very glad to be here.
Some of my interests are about aff marketing, dropshipping, social media marketing.
I would like to read and learn as much as possible about those topics. My knowledge isn’t great, but i will try to help and prticipate in discussions.
I had few projects behind me, and failed most of them because of lack of persistance.
PS. My English isn’t perfect, but i hope we will understand each others.

Is 12USD per 1,000 words expensive?

i found a upwork freelancer and he sent me a sample of a product review I tested him on, it was perfect and he knows what his doing, before I continue I just wanted to know if this is worth it, he’ll write me 10 product reviews (top 10) and a buyers guide for $12/1000

If there’s cheaper good writers let me know. :)