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I’m going to buy 20+ accounts and FL
I need help setting things up
Looking for someone to walk me through how to add accounts, set up posting times, make sure everything is in order so I don’t waste money and accounts get banned.

The accounts are going to be from valar (he’s in the market place for anyone wondering)

I’m going to just be posting on each account twice every 30 minutes. No f/unf, no likes or dms… the accounts literally are just going to be spam posting a set of hash tags…

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Please help .. fb fake likes

Hey guys i am in a big trouble ..recently someone here in BHW was doing a giveway 1000 likes for fb fan page i sent to him my fb page URL and i did get the 1000 likes in 24 hours. the problem is after that everyday i get hundreds and hundreds of fake l…

using traffic bot to making money

hi guys
i have more than 1 month to using the shortening url but i can’t get views for my link . so i ask the guys here about method to get it someone advise me to using traffic bot . can anyone help and tell me are using traffic bot legal or not because really i dont know anything about this
and thank you