Any idea where to sell some articles!?

i have around 7000 articles in the travel niche! The articles aren’t spunned, spinned or some other modifications! They are high quality articles! The thing is that i don;t need them so i was thinking about selling them! Sell them in bulk and fast! They are great for money sites or whatever!

so guy…any idea where to do that?

I have a CRAZY idea, need some advice from experts please…

Ater searching the web, asking colleagues and what not, I’ve come to the conclusion that there aren’t any adnetworks that serve my home country (By that I mean – no offers available in my country).

I thought about starting an ad-network just like that, and obviously concentrate solely on my country. I have to point out that it’s a very small country both in population (about 10 million people) and physical size, but extremely advanced when it comes to tech stuff, internet, mobile and such….

I have a CRAZY idea, need some advice from experts please…

I wan’t to meet new IM friends


I’m trying to developp myself this days in all the parts of my life (Health&Fitness, Relationships, Finance, Time, Business, Emotions…) And one of the parts of my life I saw it needs improvement it’s my relationships.

I do not have any friends who have same interests as me (IM, calisthenics…).

And the majority of mine are just people who wanna waste some time going out and shit…

So I’m trying to find new friends here on BHW as I feel this is my family! PM me if you are…

I wan’t to meet new IM friends

Facebook launches new dating service

Facebook launched a new service called as "Dating" in its annual developer conference. You can create a separate profile from Facebook and make romantic connections like Tinder. Any comments ?


need someone to run a da/Pa check on 641 websites

Hi folks, I need to check the pa/da on 641 wesbites, i have them in csv format, i just need the pa and da on each, im too cheap to buy a moz sub and i cant be arsed using the free checkers, can someone do this for me and il send you a drink by paypal?

JOINT VENTURE – Social Media Agency

Over the years I have owned and ran a number of local web design and social media agencies.

Hands down, the easiest way I found to make money locally is through providing targeted social media services.

That experience means I know exactly who the be…

{ask} how to index image

currently im building image based blog, something like wallpaper blog but i post many image in a single post (using gallery). my target is google image. how to get the image indexed by google image faster? should i use sitemap image like udinra?