What Niche Is Profitable

Hello everyone, I want to go into blogging and I’m ready to hire writers, I do have writers on ground by the way. I am not into monetizing for now, I just want traffic and other things but my question is this ‘What Niche Is Profitable?’. I am confused on what niche to head into, I want a blog that would get steady and massive traffic in months time and that would be great for monetization. So what blog niche do you recommend? Remember I said I have unique blog writers on ground. Thank you BHW

Hi everyone!

Been lurking this forum for sometimes and now I decided to be part of this awesome community. I’m a shy kind of a guy and in other forum I just lurking and reading just to learn.

Hopefully I can learn as many from BHW. I’m so interested with marketing/monetizing section bcs all members just posted HQ method for free without charging people.

Keep up the good work BHW and I’m happy to be finally here.

Uploading Tv Show / Movies

Why is so hard to be the first person to upload Tv Shows and Movies before others , i am always late after content comes out, I assume persons which are first they are the ones who get more views and the most cash

How to get gold star reviews on SERP’s


I have always wanted to know: How to get gold star reviews on Google in search results! Please look at the screenshot to see what I am talking about. Please can someone share with me the knowledge required to make this happen – it would be perfe…

Which tools do you use as an ORM provider?

To work efficiently, we prefer to use tools. However, most are quite expensive, or many overlap in their applications.
Since the market for me is almost unmanageable, I ask for your support.
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(Endeavor Package) An All-in-One Niche Site Solution Designed To Get You Results


Our service is catered to the new or seasoned internet marketer who is looking to either start or expand a business online. Although our primary focus is on developing a website that search engines love and viewers engage with, we also build our sites with monetization strategies in mind. Don’t expect a cookie cutter setup, our Endeavor sites…

(Endeavor Package) An All-in-One Niche Site Solution Designed To Get You Results