Really, really newbie question about domain price

I’m find possible domain for my project on Namecheap. It’s free and it’s cost $10 per year.

I would buy for two years.

I’m planing in two years monetize this site.


If I get some good traffic and solid value of that site, and after two years I want buy domain for another 2 years, can domain get higher price or it will stay $10 per year?

Thanks for help.

How to Check Domain Expiry Date in Bulk

I want to check the expiry date of domains in bulk (Hundreds of Domains).

Previously This tool from BulkSEOTools used to work, now it’s not working.

After googling, I found, However, this tool also does not work well.

please share if you know any method.

[Giveaway] Free GSA Backlinks

Time to give back.

I’m offering GSA non-contextual backlinks blast ( perfect for T2 T3 ), this giveaway is for everyone with no specifics.

why ? i just feel like give back to the community ^^ + i have a good links selection that sorted myself.

what do i need ? 1 keyword and 1 link

how am i gonna choose ?
i’m just gonna follow the order of the comments, pick 5 and PM them to give me the kw and link.

PS: every week 5…

[Giveaway] Free GSA Backlinks

What to do with a lot of PCs

I have quite a big number of pcs. All are i3-i5 with 512gb-1tb hdds and decent graphics.
It is a hassle to sell them all so I was wondering if you guys have any idea on what to do with them.

Blackhat Facebook Liker

Hello, a few days ago i saw a script for like jacking a page, it has no confirmation box, you simply installed a script onto your page. Can anyone help me find it please? Iam seraching and searching..