There are still some Gem’s on Flippa.

Today I came across with an site that has been already sold 3 months ago.

Anyone who is involved with MMA or UFC related news should know this “Brand” or “Website” – Call it as you want, named – “MiddleEasy”

I have seen the site around here and there, especially on Youtube and Twitter, as this news site is 9 years old already, but the last owner and the new owner who has purchased the site have done clearly a very poor job managing it..

Site sold for 6550 USD only…

There are still some Gem’s on Flippa.

What tool to use to scrape multiple forum threads?

Marketing, SEO, eCom and design I have become to know quite good however coding and such tools I’m a noob.

My sub on a paid forum will expire in a week so I want to rip a bunch of threads for reading at later times. Now I used to know how I did it but I forgot and can’t find the tool either anymore.

I tried HTTrack but when I ripped a thread it still asks for the forum login.

So I need to rip multiple forum threads with the complete CSS and HTML.


Help with AdWords

Hi, I just need help with adwords account. I purchased a pre approved churn burn accounts ( actually 2 of them ) with threshold with a pre approved website. Now as soon as i created a new campaign in that account with my new website ( website was completely whitehat btw) both the accounts got suspended due to circumentive policy. I am not sure what’s the reason. TIA

Please Tell Me Once Again That BHW Marketplace Services Don’t Work

Let’s start with I’m not going to share who provided the services as that would be spammed advertising and I would have to ask for a warning.

This site was actually built by someone that has a BST and I’ve only used services from the Marketplace to rank it.

In fact, it is really just a test site for local SEO and I put one of my mobile phones on it as a point of contact. I’ve since changed that number because I got tired of answering it from the people who thought I was really offering a…

Please Tell Me Once Again That BHW Marketplace Services Don’t Work

Scrapebox proxies – Mixed


Instagram Ad Advice?

Tomorrow I will be doing my first giveaway on Instagram and I was thinking of boosting it with some Instagram ads.
Do any of you have any advice to get the post approved for promotion? Any help is welcomed.
Thank you so much!

Fast Way To Get 5k Friends?

I’m trying to grow accounts to 5k friends as fast as possible.

I’ve been trying with facedominator but the accounts get blocked so quickly..

I know doing adult stuff gets a ton of adds but that is not my niche.

Anyone have a good a way of getting niche targeted adds?

I dont mind paying to get this working :)