Screwed out of $695 by joy4028

Hello guys,

I paid Wazed Al Noman (forum name joy4028) the sum of $695 on 09-28-17 to rank my amazon listing in the top ten for a specific keyword. He assured me that he would be able to do it and if not he would refund my money.

On 10-04-17 I told him that it’s been 5 weeks and the listing was still on page 4 (originally on page 5) and that I wanted a refund because he was clearly not able to do what he said he could. His response was “Ok no problem”

I tried to contact him on 10-05…

Screwed out of $695 by joy4028

Shred FX

As you feature out, your muscle mass incur microscopic tears. Shred FX tears result in pain. As you rest, your muscle tissues heal and they heal lower back larger and more potent. Without having relaxation, no recovery will take vicinity and also you’ll continually topic your muscle tissue to harm.

Pushing Your Muscles to Shut Down

My journey to 100K in 2017 [Affiliate + AdSense]

Hi guys!

A few months ago I finished my journey $10k/month in 200 days [Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook]. Unfortunately I reached only 30% of my goal. Now I want to start new journey and my goal is to earn $100,000 in 2017 year. This is not so easy goal for me but I believe that the goal should be big enough to motivate.

What’s happened in my business?

My journey to 100K in 2017 [Affiliate + AdSense]

Benefits of a 10 minutes + video in comparison to a video less than 10 minuets?

Is there a difference in revenue between 10 minutes + videos and videos that are less than 10 minutes? I keep hearing people bring this up and say that 10 minute videos yield much more revenue than videos that are less than 10 minutes but I haven’t actually seen people back it up with proof. On top off that those videos are also favored by the algorithm (More likely to be placed on first page and get into suggested list). Is this true or are they just bluffing?

how to make Google unrank an illegal website

Hello everyone,

i am on a niche about facebook hacking where i have a competitor ranked first, i need to unrank his website:

I know his website can be ban if Google see my spam report for phishing with this page:

the problem is i already submitted some times but it is like Google engineer doesn’t saw my report..

What is the best solution ?
Use dozen of gmails accounts to submit spam report ? Do…

how to make Google unrank an illegal website