White Hat offers for Fb

Guys, could you, please, recommend me some verticals or offer examples for Fb that are for 100% white for Fb loke: Solar pannels quotes, eCommerce (shopify).

1. What about teeth whitening? – is it allowed by fb? or need to cloaked?

Weird instagram update problem

Hi guys!
Actually I have a little problem.
I have 3 instagram accounts, everytime instagram rolls out a new update I receive them just for 2 accounts. Not for my main account. For my main account, I have to wait some weeks until I can use the new featu…

The Ace Game…

Don’t pretend like you couldn’t use a little mental stimulACEon(Rating 7.5)… Work can’t always occupy the mind of an entrepreneur… when its not, what is? Sometimes you may find yourself feeling idle, or on edge…especially in a public setting, as many of us are naturally isolating…Whether your in line at starbucks, or at the red light and the brokeACE(Rating 6) next to you keeps staring at your new lexAce(Rating 8)…Enjoy the ACE game at your own risk… This game may be disallowed…

The Ace Game…

85 Best SEO Tools

Below you have a list (not created by me) on 85 Best SEO Tools.

There are some free ones that I have never heard for but I started using them.



Dubli network your opinions

Hi all

I want to know your opinions about The company Dubli.com which gives cashback for every purchase online.

I want to know what do you think of its work model . Because I want to subscribe as an affiliate with them .

Understand the steps from buying to holding coins

So I’m new in this area, I read alot about different coins I want to invest, but I have no clue on what to do to get started.
Coinbase dosen’t support my country, and I can use PayPal for now.
If anyone can link me to a guide he used or think its good, I’ll behappy. Most of them saying different things and linking me to their affiliate link.
I don’t understand like why I need bitcoin, then make it ltc, how many wallets I need etc..

How to get receive money online.

dear all, i want to know what is the easiest way i can get money from someone online. and nobody understand who i am ? i use PayPal and someone sent me $2000 and PayPal blocked the money for 180 days!!! is the any solution guys ?

Facebook – multiple post planner


I’m looking for the tool that would allow me to plan a post multiple times. For example, I choose one post and then checkmark 10 days in a month on calendar or just by typing. There are many “big” tools, but I don’t need any additional functions – I got it in another services.