need instagram bot/ askfm like bot

need an instagram bot that can auto like fast and get me to popular page< not that important (i dont care about follower bot) without getting error/captcha’d
or an askfm like bot that can add likes to MY OWN posts

willing to pay roughly around 30 dollars EACH but we can talk it out.

skype ; arash.khos

Looking for RDP Guide

This is a question that needs detailed answer or link with proper video/pdf guide.
I’m looking forward to share some of the tools via RDP that most of the SEO Group Buy normally does.
E.g: Creating an individual access for each user via RDP and sharing in segmentation so that they may be able to use same assigned tools without any interruption. Questions are stated below:-

1. Proper source to buy RDP for this purpose; not local sellers who have created their websites and…

Looking for RDP Guide

A case still open since Dec. 28th

Usually if the buyer doesn’t respond the case will close after 30 days. Well I have a case from back on Dec. 28th and it was an item not received case, but was resolved as the delivery was confirmed by both tracking and the buyer shortly after. However, the buyer never closed the case even after asking them several times. They probably don’t know how as they only had 1 or 2 feedbacks.

It’s now February 20th and the case is still open. Why hasn’t it been automatically closed? Should…

A case still open since Dec. 28th

Chaturbate white label

Hi all,

I have a question to the pros here in this forum.

I created a Chaturbate white label site two days ago and have traffic, first two days around 500 clicks per day. But I had not one single free registration and not one guy who spent money.

How to earn… $30 000/day?

I’ve just calculated, that I need $30 000/day for 1 year, EVERY day to buy


House with sea view, poll, garage for few cars, etc.
Price: $12 mln

You can buy smaller with $3mln- $5mln but still it’s a huge money.

I’ve calculated, that If I need 30k$/day in one year, then I need $3000/day for 10 years and $1000/day for 30 years. It’s an absurd!

How to do it?…

How to earn… $30 000/day?

Starting a free stock video site

just want to get a gauge on what people think about starting a sites that gives away free or Creative Commons 0(no restrictions, attribution free) stock videos and get revenue from cpm ads. A site similar to mazwai and pexels , seems like it could be a…