What could I Do to earn

I have the following:

a Domain name
VPS Hosting at Digital Ocean
Web Design skills
Good knowledge in SEO

But I don’t know what I should put on the website that could make money… I have others that work but I just want something different yet I have run out of ideas.

5×1000 words article or 1×5000 words article?

Hey guys, I have a really important question, i have in mind 5 similar keywords and i want to rank for all of them, what do you think would be better for SEO, 5×1000 words articles or one big 5000 words with all the keywords in it?

We have last years for multiple account actions – GDPR

As you know, we have GDPR in Europe, some companies like Facebook are running with servers to USA, they have still time. 1,5 mln European customers from Facebook will be moved with physical servers.
Probably this is not big deal but I see voices that USA congress is jealous and they started to work on their own GDPR. If they not introduce it in one year, I think it’s matter of few years to make own solutions.

-goverment wants to have more control on corporations and Zuk is just a tip…

We have last years for multiple account actions – GDPR

My Viral Content + Like Funnel + Your traffic = $$$

hey guys,

Hope you all are doing great!

I am into social media marketing, we own vonvon like quiz websites ( facemorphing, faceapp, relationship quizzes )

Those kind of quizzes brings more than 40% of sharing rate and like conversion of 14-15%

I am…

banned in bing ads, any solution?

Hello friends, maybe there are some bing ads experts out there who can help not only me but everyone who has the same problem.

The thing is this: I create a bing account without problems, I add my payment method and the surcharge without problems, but when I create an ad and 2 keywords I am banned in about 30 minutes.

I noticed that the bing ads robot doesn’t even bother to enter my website.

I use amazon vps to create the accounts, this is the ad I placed
Fast Way To Lose 8 To 10 Kg -…

banned in bing ads, any solution?