OBL on PBN’s

I need advise from PRO’s about OBL

Assuming you have PBN and what is the best way to do OBL on your PBN
Ex: (you have pages like)

Should you put a link on those pages with different keywords pointing to your Home Page and Inside Page

Bluewidget.com — (KEYWORD 1 -> HOME PAGE)
bluewidget.com/car-dealer.html (KEYWORD 2 -> INSIDE PAGE)
bluewidget.com/used-card.html (KEYWORD 3 -> INSIDE PAGE)

And of course, you will…

OBL on PBN’s

Anyone else having issues with fb ads ?

Is anyone else having an issue since the facebook ads update a few days ago? I tried two different ad accounts and my ads arent delivering. I also had some ads with excellent targeting with low cost per engagements , and the cost engagement is super h…

Getting a Professional Email – Help please?

I want to get an email address which I will be using as my main email. I do business online, so I want this email to be as professional as possible.

I have hosting with Hostgator, and a few emails for a few of my websites. So maybe I can piggyback off that and get myself a custom email cheaply.

The 3 websites I currently have, I can’t use because the email would be something like:


Getting a Professional Email – Help please?

Tutorial – How to have bank account abroad

I don’t know where to place it so put in The Lounge and moderator can move it to proper category.
I am also not affiliated or connected to brand that is described in this thread.

My problem was always how to get payments for services if I resign from PayPal, I want also get payments from my ad networks faster, with lower fees and no problems. Always it has been PayPal but their fees, policies and how they treat sellers is not acceptable. Also, account in my country can be not trustfuly for…

Tutorial – How to have bank account abroad

autoblog about electronics or tech autoblog

i will make an autoblog with amazon related products on it
what is your opinion ?what will convert more?

1- electronic product specifications
2- review electronics
3- autoblog about technology , normal posts about recent technology

New to this group

Hi there! My name is Gavin and just joining this group to learn what works well on others sites. I personally have experience improving ad revenue through my company Ezoic.

Ranking Foreign SEO Easy!

I noticed its very easy to rank to foreign SEO words without any back links with this strategy.

First I google translate the target keyword go on keyword io and look for keywords that are under 400 searches, many under 400 words are completely overloo…