Flippa- Don’t want to give the domain


So short story, i was putting one of my websites on flippa and 2 weeks ago or so the auction was ended and the reserve price was met.

I choosed Flippa Escrow to process the money transfer, so the seller has put the money into flippa escrow and now i need to give him the files, domain etc.

He is saying tommorow every time when i ask him to make the transfer, i mean i want to give him the files and all the things but he is postponing me evryday.

I don’t get it, if he have the money…

Flippa- Don’t want to give the domain

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Hello Everyone

been reading the site for a while now but only signed up today to be part of the community. Thanks to everyone who shares info here, I have learn a lot and i hope i can give back a little now to.

Got a whole bunch of skills in differen…

Back for a second go

Hey all…new member from Sudbury, Ontario…
I was into internet marketing a number of years back didn’t have much success…well I’m back to try round two…lol
Cheers and good luck to everyone


A new domain name, build their own blog and go to an old domain name blog platform, which is better?!!