Hello, I am new

My name is Frank and I joined this forum to learn about making money online. I look forward to learning new things in this forum. ))))))))))

Intro to the forum

Whats up guys and girls. I recently got back into digital marketing after some time off. I studied it since 2015. Interesting to see what works still and glad to contribute to this forum.

Which country should I go next?

I am planning a trip to a country with friends…

Each of us has a budget of 1500 dollars.

Upto 10 days stay.

Where should we travel to for "clubbing"(strippers appreciated), should have a good night life

Been to Thailand and amsterd…

Captcha Solver Question

Hi Guys.

I am looking into buying either GSA Captcha Breaker or Captcha Sniper to use with Scrapebox.

Price wise CS wins but is the almost $100 more for GSA worth the $ or is CS just as good. I really don’t want to go and buy a new Captcha Software in a couple of months because I bought the wrong one now.

Thanks for your advice.

301 redirects

Hey guys, I used the search function and couldn’t really find anything current about this topic so I figured I would spark one up as the big G changes the way they look at things all the time.

I am in the finance niche, and I just purchased two domains that have very little backlinks, but two massive backlinks each. And by huge I am talking Reuters,Bloomberg,Yahoo Finance and the LA Times.

Now, I was considering adding these to my PBN, but should I actually consider just 301ing these to my…

301 redirects

It is impossbile to grow instagram

I mean i just opened 3 accounts, tried to grow my social circle……posted few dozen photos, i got only 2 followers on one account, nothing on others…….it is impossible to grow this to 10k followers….
i think people just buy the followers…..no…

Studio Apartment Vs. Roommates

Hi guys/gals, based on your experience.. Do you prefer to get a room and have other random people in the apartment or having a small one with your own?

I’m living now with Roommates, I don’t feel I’m comfortable at all.. but also I’m worried of being alone in an apartment.

What do you think?

P.S: Assume you will pay the same price in both cases.



I tried to use Jarvee, but I think my proxys are flagged. Accounts have 2-3 days. The configurations are really not aggressive, that’s why I ask your opinion.

Thanks you
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Instagram – Bluestacks – Memu

Hello! I wanna start off by saying Im at the verge of going COMPLETELY insane!

I had some older IG accounts and they work pretty good in my bot now. I tried to make some new ones though. I got Bluestacks first, the BSTweaker and Proxycap to put my pr…