Should I give up and move on?

Hello guys!

I started a travel related account (for a specific country) on July. I’m not using bots, everything has been done manually. The only “cheating” that I’ve done is Follow/Unfollow.

Now, in September the number of followers is almost 9k. I’m a completely newbie, so I don’t know if this is considered a slow growth. For me is not that bad…

Now my question: I’ve been thinking on how can I make money from this? And everything that I’ve read here and in other forums makes me think…

Should I give up and move on?

The begging of my life upgrade

I don’t know how to start but is not that important, right? I worked all the summer to raise some money to start a legit business and I did it. I’m starting an online store targeting people from my country only, the niche is brand watches(men and women) and I’m starting to freak out for some reason…
I start working on the company paperwork and I’m waiting on the approval so I can start working on the store. I found a supplier with good prices in Germany, I can make between 10-40E…

The begging of my life upgrade

Scraping quotes from brainyquote

Hey! I am planning to get a list of quotes from brainyquote, but it takes a lot just to copy paste into a word file. Does anyone knows any scraper/fetcher/script/software that could scrape all quotes from brainyquote in categories or by keywords? I have seen some of them, but it is only for python, but I don’t know how to use it and it is so complicated.

Thank you :)

Dealing with money launderer

I dealt with someone who was banned on this forum where they sent me money and I sent back a lesser amount of Amazon gift cards which made me money.

Only just realised that he was banned here now and that is it pretty much money laundering through fiverr.

I blocked his email and deleted all his emails but his PayPal accounts that he probably bought from the dark web just sent me around £42 for me to send him a gift card of £30.

Considering this is a stolen account, can I take the money…

Dealing with money launderer

Free article for 5 members any level

Hi I have free time this week , who ever want article for their blog or website can use this service

As mentioned only 5 members I pick random any level from newbie to mod

Note no porn

I will pm more details later who are selected

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journey to 10$ a day (minimum wage a day in my country)

i was introduced to IM by my friend who started making money online at age 15, we are 21 now and i want a piece of the cake too.

a few days ago i finished what you guys consider the most important part of making money which is keyword research.

now i’m working on webpage design and buying the domain and setting everything up.

what i did this week:

  • bought domain from namecheap
  • friend is hooking me up with free hosting for a few months, it sucks but it’s free :3
  • started…

journey to 10$ a day (minimum wage a day in my country)