Advice on starting an adult tube site

hi everyone,so after a few years of thinking about starting an niche adult tube site I’m actually going to try it out,but I have a few questions on how profitable it is.

What could you expect to earn per 1000 unique visitors per day with tragic mainly from uk and America?
I’m planing on uploading and hosting videos instead of embedding,is vow server good enough to start with?
I’m also planning on using mechbunny for the script,has anyone had any experience with this? How easy is it to use?…

Advice on starting an adult tube site

Please help: Secondary Keywords

I can seem to get the 2nd and 3rd kw on page 1. I feel like I’ve thrown everything at it PBNs, social signals, Web2.0 some blasts in the lowers tiers etc.

1st kw 1000/m
Rank: #2 :)

2nd kw 1500/m
Rank: page 2-7 (constant dance:()

3rd kw 1200/m
Rank: page 2-9 (constant dance:()

Any advice is much appreciated

Shopify Method Bug ?! Or Wrong settings ?

Hello, everybody. Recently I discovered an error I think or maybe I’ve done something wrong with my settings, on Shopify free item pay for shipping. I have a few products with are free but pay for ship, So all good if they go to check out with one two or three items it shows different price but for example is someone goes back to cart and add another item from a different category with has free shipping but pay full price for the item, when they go back to shipping method at checkout it…

Shopify Method Bug ?! Or Wrong settings ?

Huge boost in ranking through Authority website

Hello guys, my website with only 47 RD was not performing well until thedailybeastddot com website’s reputed reporter covered about our money website.

Now even for 2900 and, 1900 monthly search keywords our website is now at first page.

I think it’s a great idea to pay reporters to cover our money website.

How can I extract email addresses from Facebook? Using Free tools


I run a small regional MMA show in Glasgow, Scotland and i’m looking at extracting email addresses from certain FB groups that are industry and location specific.

The aim is to create a database of email addresses to populate a new ticketing website with that we will start to use to sell some of our tickets through. So if I can say target UFC fans in Glasgow then get the emails, populate them into the ticketing website and then offer them presale discounts or past booker discounts…

How can I extract email addresses from Facebook? Using Free tools

How to get more traffic to your channel with Twitter

Recently, I bought 2k followers for my twitter account to make it look legit to other people I follow. My brother suggested that I talk to my influencer’s communities and make friends with them to get them to my channel. I wanted to see if anyone else had more ideas to grow your channel from twitter.

SEO – The Past, Present, and Future For FREE

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This ebook is a quick overview of the SEO state of play and its history. It also offers tips for the future and points of development. Bonus of this one: the author shares a Keyword Development Worksheet to help you out with your business or website keywords development.

The document is split between 5 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: The basics
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SEO – The Past, Present, and Future For FREE

First paychoice card.

Many people who are working in crack revenue will know it. When u reach 100$ i get to payout via first paychoice but i heard it is all like scam it keeps ur money pending. If anybody have any idea then plz help.

Facebook group posting method

Hi, everybody! As everyone knows Facebook comes very strict at these days, but there is still a way to go arround it, I had many account restriction problems, but found a way to go arround it and now it came more stable.

Firstly most important thing i…