Questions about Followliker!

How many times are you using the Likes, Follower, and comments that you can use throughout the day with Followliker?
I want to use Likes 1,000 times, Follower 500 times, and comments 300 times.
Can I be subject to INSTAGRAM sanctions if I use the number of times I have written above?
Please let me know how many times you have not used INSTAGRAM’s sanctions!
If you are using Followliker please answer my question!

Web Hosting for one year for € 1.99

Hi, I was checking my FB and saw this ad. I hope it will help. I’ll probably buy it myself.

This is the link:

I can always use extra hosting for testing. If you know any other that offers cheap first year, feel free to post to help others.

[Looking For] A Free traffic bot to sell traffic on fiverr

hey, guys I don’t know where to post this so sorry to every moderator or other staff if you have to move this.
So hey guys,
I am looking for a free bot for traffic so I can sell traffic on Fiverr I cant really find a good one wich is free and if its free its some weird cracked programm wich is just very outdated do you have any good bot you can recommend to me?

[GiveAway] Indexification

Back with another giveaway!
Giving away to [10] members (to enter account must be 6+ months old – no just joined accounts) link indexing using indexification.

To enter comment on this thread. After 10 members have claimed I will message each member to…

facebook pages monetezation

hellou, i got couple facebook pages with over 700 k fans. What is the best way to earn money ? Adsense dont pay too much when i try earlie, low clicks.. idk really ? Thanks