Young SEO specialist

Hi friends,
I am a young SEO specialist. I joined the BHW forum to get more informations and collaborate with other people.
I’m looking for some people who can help me find in Finland or Sweden resources on which I can place my own links.

Remove censorship

When mods and their friends get schooled they shouldn’t be allowed to delete comments and close threads to avoid humiliation.

Nice reason:

am i shadow banned?

My main has top posts in a lot of tags ,for this photo. When i went on my alt(same ip) it did not show up on the top post like it did on my main. It did show up under recent although. This is also the same for 4 of my stealth accounts that i searched…

cold calling journey,let’s make it happen.

So, everything is pretty much said by the title.
A little information about me and my experience with cold calling.

Since age of 17 i’ve been making cold calls for various companies such as forex,binary options and etc.
i have positive and negative experience regarding this matter so lets put it aside.

Part of a plan that i already accomplished.
1.Got the leads
2.Got the speech down

Part that needs to be done
2.payment gateways
3.Automatic voice mail…

cold calling journey,let’s make it happen.