Case study: Parasites PWN 2016

An awesome case study.

I’m going to use t0mmy’s method of ranking a parasite page/site.
I’m not doing this to make money, but to see if the method is still working.

I’ll be solely using GSA contextual links and maybe add some…

Case study: Parasites PWN 2016

Our Brother is Away…

Unfortunately, BHW, our fellow brother and forever legend @SensualTyrannosaurus has been temp banned until June 15th.

Our lives are not whole without this legends presence.

Long live SensualTyrannosaurus!

A Teens Journey To $XXX/Day With IG + OGAds!

Hello and welcome to my journey to success:D

I’ve noticed that a lot of these “journey threads” include some background info first so:
– Well as the title suggests I am a teenager(not going to go into specific age) honestly I don’t even think this matters. Age should not determine if one is successful or not… especially with online methods!
– I live in the US(East Coast).
– Well unlike a lot of other people that have journey threads I am not uhmm…

A Teens Journey To $XXX/Day With IG + OGAds!

Is google “Keeping The Money in The Family”?

Today, I was researching a niche. Looking to throw up a few churn and burn sites to fund a future project. When I started just throwing random keywords at google in the form “Best xxxx” I noticed that the SERPS were pretty much dominated by a select few.

Now I do understand that it’d be much more worthwhile to ‘settle’ for much much less traffic and probably attempt “Best xxxx for …” type of keywords. However, why should it be this way? These “Major Authority” sites typically destroy…

Is google “Keeping The Money in The Family”?

I need someone to transition my PrestaShop to WordPress

I have a pretty new PrestaShop website that I want moved over to Wordpress. I knew I shouldn’t have even started with PrestaShop, but I guess it’s better to move it over now than wait till later when I have more content and stuff going on. Looking to do this as soon as possible.

Journey to $500/Day – Fingers In Many Pies

Hey guys – Here’s another Journey thread. Making this thread to try and keep myself accountable as well as on track, and I plan to stick to multiple avenues of money making.


CPA (SEO/YouTube)

My current main way of making revenue. I’m not the biggest fan, as it’s pretty volatile – I randomly get hit by copyright notices and can’t really dispute since I’m doing BH. Still, it’s partly why I’m not at $0/day right now – I started doing this every now and…

Journey to $500/Day – Fingers In Many Pies

excel guru needed

i have excel sheet that has 2 columns filled with part numbers, maybe about 1000 rows down. these 2 columns have duplicate part numbers, therefore i need to clear all duplicates between both columns so only unique can remain. msg me if y ou can do this…