Are these keywords easy to rank? (200K+ monthly searches total)

So I’ve been trying to find some long tail keywords for my main site, and I was brainstorming what keywords I should go for, but then I found these keywords.


The statistics of the keywords in keysearch


Statistics of the same keywords in KWFinder

The keywords are basically technology/internet niche, where the…

Are these keywords easy to rank? (200K+ monthly searches total)

Any bot for scraping Google maps data?

Hi there! does anybody know about a good google maps scraper? I´ve seen some of them by searching in google but not sure if they work good.

I need to scrape a huge list of repair shops from all the cities of Spain.


Looking to purchase 3 proxies

I know this has been asked several times, but I’m only looking to buy 3 proxies for instagram accounts, so I assume they need to be dedicated/private. Can anyone recommend a seller or tell me what they use?
Ideally I’m looking to spend >$2 per proxy if that’s possible.

[Journey] $10/day using Pay Per Download

Hello guys,

I decided to start this thread to keep me motivated and share my results with you guys. I owned several websites before so I am experience enough, although i learn 1 or 2 things every day. I am the kind of guy that will keep learning new t…

Can someone help me “specially Chinese”

Hello everyone :)

I’m looking for a Chinese website that I give them a task or test (not surfing) for a price such as seosprint the Russian, for now, I’m searching in Baidu but I still didn’t get what I want.

Thank you for reading & God bless you all.

How to show live camera feed on a wordpress page?

Hello All,

I’m currently doing a website for a friend of mines,
she owns a Children Day Care business. One of the things she wants is to show live feed of the day care/kids in a specific time of the day (something she can control) on the wordpress website.

1. does anyone knows of how can I accomplish this?
2. It’s there any plugin out there that can help me with this?
3. I know I have to play around with the network to have it accessible to the outside world, as well as to connect it to…

How to show live camera feed on a wordpress page?