Bulk Mailing SMTP, VPS ,RDP

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1- Is this software server is compatible for Microsoft Window 7 ?
1. Ye…

Am I getting scammed?

If someone from a country that doesn’t accept paypal is using me for my paypal to run their business, (ex. They sell bots to a customer and I invoice them with my paypal and then I keep 20%, Then I send the rest to the business owner). Is there a chance the “customer” will do a paypal chargeback then im left in the negative?

VPN and Proxy ?

Hi guys,

If I use a VPN (like Nord) and configure my Firefox to use a proxy (Options->General->Network Proxy->Manual Proxy Config) I’m still protected by my VPN right ? Is this what’s happening:

My Computer -> VPN Server -> Proxy I Set in Firefox -> Website (and then the reverse when getting data back)


I think $ADA will explode

You guys heard it here first.

I have good reason to believe $ADA will go over $1 in the coming months. This is based on the Bartosystem Trading Corporation ultimate crystal ball technology.

Posting this for reference in a few months time. But contrary to John McAfee I will not eat my own D if I’m wrong, but if I’m wrong I’ll be losing good $ cuz that’s where my money is right now.

Disclaimer: Only invest what you can afford to lose. Cryptos are high risk.