Highest CPM / Popunder rates? (US/CAN/AUS)

Need a new network. The current one I’m with isn’t working out. TBH, I was already thinking of switching after 1 month because of audaciously low CPM rates despite premium traffic destinations (US/AUS/CAN). (half a million non-adblock impressions at 13c eCPM… eww)

But It wasn’t until after I reported a fairly hilarious (in how is this even possible) exploit that allowed users to double their balance by cancelling payment requests. To which they had no idea of its existence until I…

Highest CPM / Popunder rates? (US/CAN/AUS)

looking for content writer

Hi there,

I’m looking content writers for a crypto blog .

I can guide you with the work and topics.

Future work guaranteed.

If you’re interested, let me know.


Blog or article submission site suggestions?

Not like the title of my post suggest i am not looking for quick fix websites to randomly submit my blogs to but instead id like suggestions of directories or news portals/ review sites of some kind where i can submit my posts from my blog which is als…

I just started my own first business

Well, hi all…

My name is Tony and I’m from Croatia…

I start my business, alone, without a lot help, just with my money and else..
Okey, lets go on job..

What I have:
– Apartment (for now only 1)
– Basic IM knowledge
– Better Social Media knowledge
– Knowledge to work with CPA/Pop ads or link shortners

My history:
A long time ago, a was working YT + adf method, it gives me some money, but i think that method is dead now…

Lets back on main theme

I’m still working on apartment for…

I just started my own first business

How to convert PDF ebook into KINDLE format? Help!

Hi people!

Currently, I am writing my first ebook in Canva online tool for creating graphics or documents and I will be saving the file like PDF.
When I am done, I will be self-publishing it on KindleAmazon. But, I have one question about it.
Do I nee…

My Cryptocurrency Mining Journey

Hi guys, i have been cloud mining cryptonote coins for 1 year ,now i have decided to buy gpus to build my own rig and start mining cryptonote coins (mainly i want to mine monero ,electroneum) next option is to mine ethereum,posting this as a journey to keep me motivated,another reason is when i started building the rig only realised it’s not a easy task to troubleshoot (Im newbie to hardware),i have went through lot of issues and how i fixed it im posting that too hope somebody will find it…

My Cryptocurrency Mining Journey

[Need Help] Creating a pop-under hidden behind taskbar


I’m looking for a Javascript or HTML code that will open a new window, resize it and put it behind the windows taskbar (assuming the taskbar is on the bottom).

Can anyone help me out with this? I tried searching the forum but I don’t find anything related.

Thank you!