Hello Everyone

I decided to join the site after reading a couple of posts.

I am interested in learning more about making money online and this seems like a fun community. I am a linux user and my interests have mostly been programming. I got a late start in the game…

Adult content site – gaining members?

Hey Folks – I am working on a nice porn site that will have a membership section

What have you found are the best ways to get people to sign up other than exclusive content?

Direct contact with the girls?


Looking forward to hearing what…

How to lose weight without exercising.

It’s bigvision again trying to contribute to the BHW community. I always assumed living this lifestyle that weight can creep up on you.

I know for a fact a lot of people here are obese or overweight. People have the idea that exercise is required to lose weight.

That is completely false, all that matters is how many calories you eat.

Today I’ll be teaching you about CICO(calories in calories out) – it is simple science. If you eat more calories than you burn you gain weight. If you eat…

How to lose weight without exercising.

My Competitors Site


I need some help from you guys. This is one of my main competitors in my niche and i wanted to know whats the best of finding out what keywords he is targeting. As you can see there is a lot of articles on the site and this is why i can’t figure out what he’s ranking for? Any help would be appreciated.



BlackBDO’s Top-Notch Quality PBN Network v3.1 – Results speak for themselves


-You look for some strong links to add to your back-link profile and see a nice increase in SERPS over the next weeks
-You want the PBNs that point at your Money Site to be HQ, well designed, with unique content, and that look overall like a real Blog
-You want strong tier 1 links, with low homepage (but also entire domain) OBL
-You want some strong but also not very expensive links!

Why this network and not any other one?…

BlackBDO’s Top-Notch Quality PBN Network v3.1 – Results speak for themselves

Website sold on flippa. Please help!

I sold my first site on flippa.com . I started flippa escrow and now I am on this step:
Image here: https://ibb.co/idi8E5

1. What does it mean “Transaction has been refunded”?
2. The buyer asked the website transfer by email. Is it safe to send him the website?
3. What if I will send him the website and he opens a dispute that my website is having something wrong, and gets the money back and keeps the website too?

Thank you!