Unauthorized use of the [name]’s trademark at http://www.mydomain.com

Last night I received the following email:

Dear Administrative Contact:

I am contacting you on behalf of [name] its subsidiaries and operating divisions including [name] and [daughther company] department stores. We manage the Internet monitoring function for [name]'s brand identity issues on the Internet.

The following website: http://www.mydomain.com uses our client's intellectual property in the domain name and site content. As owner, [name] has the exclusive right to reproduce...

Unauthorized use of the [name]’s trademark at http://www.mydomain.com

Make easy $2

I have hired a company to handle orders for my e-commerce stores. I want to test how competent they are and want a few people to make an order from one of my stores. I will pay you back the money for the order and also give you an additional $2 for you…

So One of My VAs Has Moved On

I knew this was coming… but you never are happy when it happens even though you know it is going to happen.

Sure, you are happy the VA is upgrading his life but not that you have to find another quality person to lean on at a price point that makes …

Another boring journey by cryuff

Welcome guys.

I’m 24 years old programmer from a country placed in middle-east of Europe.
I know how to make web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps. I earn good money, but still after 2 years of working for some company from 7-15 I just want to earn on my own and move out to Asia.

I’ve been working before in IM with facebook viral apps. I made 40K$ in 2 years so it was a good time.
After 2 years break, I’ve tried with dropshipping lately, but it was like a huge failure to me.
I spend 500$…

Another boring journey by cryuff