InstaG Downloader Failed – Forbidden?

So I’ve been using a program that allows you to take pictures from instagram profiles and it saves them to your computer in your download folder, it’s been great but today I’ve been getting an error “Failed – Forbidden” does anyone know what may be wrong? or if there are any better programs to do this? So far this seemed like the best one, very easy to use.

Edit: Found a solution, sorry.

How to improve my new instagram

Hi folks!

A quick summary: for a few days ago i created a new instagram, at this time i got 18 followers. I posted a few posts, some funny fitness memes, fitness videos, motivation and so on.

Now to the questions.
How do i get people who follow me to…

Affiliate Commission – $50 Per Sale

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[Journey] Pinterest + CPA = MONEY

Hi everybody,

I decided to try out Pinterest as a traffic source and CPA offers as monetization method.

I have no experience with Pinterest whatsoever.

I’ve watched few videos, read some articles and guides on the concept of Pinterest and how to drive traffic from it. I heard with recent updates the start is a bit slower than it used to be, but it should take only few months to start seeing decent traffic.

I have a limited experience with CPA too.

The model that I plan to use…

[Journey] Pinterest + CPA = MONEY

any new strategy for earning money

i’m from egypt and i really like this website
i learn alot from it i made a website and a youtube channel but earning is so low cause my language is arabic and english is not my native language
so are there any way to earn some money i work 6 hours per day to make videos and blogs but low money so plz suggest me any way to earn some decent money sorry for my english

New Amazon to eBay arbitrage database (no signup bhw only backdoor)

First thread got deleted for requring signup, so I added a backdoor link just for BHW.

My crawler compares pricing and sales volume data from ebay and amazon. I’m going to be adding about 1,000-2,000 new products a day and existing products are refreshed at least every 2 days.

Watch out for false positives, especially toward the top.

This will probably turn into something fully automated like ProfitScraper.

Backdoor link:

New Amazon to eBay arbitrage database (no signup bhw only backdoor)