Whatsapp share locker script?


Firstly, I really don’t know if I posted this in the right section (as always…)

You probably all know the ‘Share to unlock this page’ scripts. Where you need to share a url/message on Twitter of Facebook etc..

I was wondering, are there still any whatsapp locker/viral locker scripts to buy or for free download? The only results I found we’re some fake websites where you need to fill in a shitty survey to ‘download’ the script..

Any thoughts? Am I missing something?

Thanks in…

Whatsapp share locker script?

Planning to start my first YouTube channel

Hi everyone!

I’m planning to start my first YouTube channel ever. I will do product reviews and related lifestyle videos.

Can you bombard me with links must read to must read articles about running YouTube channels? I need to learn everything from setting up a channel to video products to monetization.

Please feel free to share anything that you think will help me on my journey.

Thanks a lot !

SEO help

I setup a wordpress site targeting keyword “[Product A] under 100”. Now my site is ranking on the 2nd page. When I analyse the 1st page sites some of them have DA, PA less than my site. But they have keyword in their url. (ex: www.productreviews.com/product-A-under-100)

But as I have mainly targeted that keyword in my micro niche site, the article which contains the buying guide and the reviews is in the home page itself and…

SEO help

Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Hi community

I own a streaming video website with more than 10,000 titles, no downloads are possible in my site as the right click is not available
But I just realize that tons of users arround ther world are using IDM to make free downloads from my s…

Wondering if someone can help?!

Hello everyone.
A friend of mine recommended me this place to ask because i am having a problem that i cannot fix since a month now and i will be happy if someone can help.

I am trying to create backlinks for my site. But google’s recaptcha is messing around with me for some reason. When i open the recaptcha window to mark the icons after i click verify it says – “Your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now. ” -…

Wondering if someone can help?!