Yoyo, Not new but not active before =) 25 years old from Denmark, Hi!


Hello Everyone, BHW is the best !

Hello everyone !

I am not completly new to BHW but today I was surfing in the forum and decided to come here and say hello to all of you ! and also thank you the community for all the efforts you do to help each other !

Stay Strong and hold on all t…

CrakRevenue – We’re back!


Hi everyone,

We’re thrilled to be back on BHW. A special thanks to Damien is in order for helping us get situated here. We appreciate the opportunity to take part in this amazing community again.

Some of you may not be familiar with CrakRevenue, so I will take a moment to explain a little bit about us: We’re CrakRevenue – a premium CPA network made up of some of the biggest affiliates in the adult…

CrakRevenue – We’re back!

Hello everyone

I have lurked this site here and there and have finally decided to take all this very seriously and become an active member. Years ago I watched vids on earning income on autopilot using internet marketing. I thought it was too good to be true. But I figured, if there are people out there making money this way, why can’t I? I did try a method years ago. Yet I did not follow through with it very far, as I did not have any funds nor the dedication back then. I am here now to…

Hello everyone

[NEW MEMBERS] Read this BEFORE you post your FIRST thread

First of all, welcome to Black Hat World :cool:.


As of late, there have been threads posted with titles such as “help me make money“, “I’m new here, how do I make money“, “There is too much information where do I start” etc. Some visitors come here confused, breaking forum rules, not knowing where to start, and end up coming into the forums on a…

[NEW MEMBERS] Read this BEFORE you post your FIRST thread