50$ to 100$ from ebay every day

Here is my exactly method on how to can make 50$ to 100$ from eBay every day on very easy way

i saw some sellers are selling social media services on eBay ,and i have some experiences on this .i started selling this services on eBay and everything good from the first day.

1.Sign up on eBay then add new listing ,i prefer you design your own pictures and don’t put Instagram logo or Facebook or any social website because eBay will remove your listing ,and you most type a good description…

50$ to 100$ from ebay every day

Fiverr dispute


I have gigs on fiverr. I m seller.

Some customers take back the money ( dispute ) after they get the work done

I wrote on the support line, but they said they were not involved with us.

Is there any idea what I can do in this case

They get the…

What’s the best theme ?

HELP !!!!!
What’s the best reviews Wordpress theme ?
I am creating a website already,got a theme but want more(better) suggestions.
It should be SEO friendly,Should accommodate better and more ads,as it is a reviews site,it should be simple,but beautiful,responsive,fast and all that,which can make me more money:D and most of all it should be free:cool:
Thanking You,

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Mass email inviter (.CSV)

Hi guys, i need to know if in 2017 is stille available the method to invite a lot of people to put like in my Facebook page.

I know i can add a .csv file with an email list and invite all, but somebody have a file with thousand of emails?

Is this LEGAL?


Is it legal to sell T-shirts about Game of Thrones for example? I have contacted multitiple companies like teespring, printful,… and some of they say its okay and some of them its not allowed. but on each of their pages I can see campaigns ab…