Please help

I know I am clutching at straws. I was using Wordpress and I changed my theme and I have fucked up my page. If someone can help me and tell me what theme this is I will be eternal grateful

Bying traffic online for my website

Hey there guys. It’s been a while since I last posted in here…

I want your opinion – knowledge on buying traffic online for a website i own.

Keep in mind that I do not need conversion or something like that. I only want google analytics and Alexa manipulation.

Also, keep in mind that I want to be able to mess around with bounce rates, pages per visit, country of origin, language and average stay in site.

I’ve found and (the later seems to be the main…

Bying traffic online for my website

DMCA = site disappear from search engine

hello, recently i got lik 5 DMCA complains about my site via Search console. After couple of days i’ve noticed that the links which got DMCA has disappeared from search results in google. I was ranking so high though.

What can i do? Couple of my pictu…

Ranking a Video – A Bit of Help?

Hey there.

I have few questions regardig ranking my video on YouTube. Before I go with questions, I’ll give you a brief introduction on what I’m doing. I’ve decided to go with YouTube and CPI & CPA offers. Niche I’ve chosen is game hacking. I’m using landing page and a content locker. I made a video and I was about to rank it via pannel views. Unlisted method + comments + likes and other ways making the video looks attractive and real. The problem here is that pannel views are not working…

Ranking a Video – A Bit of Help?

Need content writer for short descriptions

We need a content writer to write short description(unique) of products. The products are common products (Laptops, gaming cards, etc)

We need description of at least 1000 products right now, and this will be an on-going activity. Please send your sa…