[Question] What Online Payment Processor to use in India & Brazil ?

Dear Members,

I’m looking into the possibities to exploit different products in Brazil and/or India.

Any suggestions what i should use for local bank and creditcard online payment processing? ( similar to 2checkout . c o m and easy to integrate)

If someone has experience in setting up a webshop/service that accept payments in those markets please get in touch!



Horror Story Themed Channel – Work With Adense?

I was going to create a simple youtube channel with just horror & creepy stories, but I was wondering if YouTube would run ads on the videos if they are horror themed?

Wasn’t sure if sexual/horror/weird themed videos can run adsense ads on them.?

Does anyone know what type of content your videos have to be about in order to run ads and monetize it

Check search volume for keywords free?

Does anyone know a free, or cheap, tool or website that gives accurate results for search volumes on keywords? Google keyword planner is too broad. Example: it’ll list 1,000-10,000. Looking for something more accurate please. Thanks guys

[SALE] Stuna YouTube Video First Page Checker

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We all know that YouTube videos rank highly in Google. This is a research tool that will help you find those “Video Keywords” – keywords with YouTube videos on page one. You can export the data to a CSV file that will show you more info (ranking, url, video publish date…

[SALE] Stuna YouTube Video First Page Checker