Trump Assassination Attempt?


Some people seem to the vehicle was intended to ram Trump’s limo but got stopped by the ditch. The car came out of a trail in the woods just as the motorcade passed. what do you think?

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I have a backlink tool which I brought 2 years ago and I didn’t use it much. It claims that it can make high quality backlinks and I want to giveaway backlinks for 5 people in here. PM me the links and the keyword. Please no adult sites.

SEnuke TNG for Web 2.0s Creation? (Replacing FCS Networker)

Does anyone use SEnuke TNG to create Web 2.00 properties and post on them? I want to cancel my FCS Networker subscription and go with that.

I don’t care if there are minimal differences on the number of available properties etc…

Note: I have GSA SER and other tools for link building. I want SN TNG just for Web 2.0s.

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How To Perform An SEO Audit Like a Pro – A Step by Step Guide

Following up to my massive PBN post I made here about a month ago, I give to thee probably one of the most comprehensive list of things you need to look at while doing an SEO Audit.

If you want to access the exact step by step method I’ve used to Audit easily over 200 sites in my career, then you will need to PM me here or go to the…

How To Perform An SEO Audit Like a Pro – A Step by Step Guide

WordPress Tags

I have been using Wordpress for many years, but have only started working with tags recently. And am not sure how I should be going about it. All in One SEO gives one the option to noindex what I assume is considered duplicate content.

What are the basic rules and why?

Pages are straight forward. They are static. No archiving. No duplicate content. How do posts work?

They get filed in date order. Over time they get buried and can’t be found by Google? This is why we need Archives? What…

Wordpress Tags

What is the differect between domains redirect

Hi. I have join and create some domain on namecheap. after that i redirect my aff link (of Crakrevenue) to the domain but i have more than 5k click and no conversion
Some people have conversion rate more than 1:10
What happen here?? Just wonder is ther…