Amazon review hack

A guy selling this book is posting loads of fake 5 star reviews every day or so – but I can’t figure out how because it should be impossible.

Most of these reviews come from “customers” who buy the paperback version of his book (not the Kindle).

The reviews are UNVERIFIED and seem to have German origin – maybe created on German accounts?

What is even more strange is that all the fake accounts have only reviewed this book -…

Amazon review hack

Should I stop paying for local SEO?

I own several types of businesses. One of them happens to be a plumbing business that I am a silent partner in.

We are currently paying $2,000 a month and my SEO guy has us ranking well (3 pack and spot 2 or 3 on 1st page. The city is small(50,000) with none of my competition doing any serious SEO.

My second business required me learn some SEO basics. I’m now ranking for many keywords and seeing a constant increase in my organic traffic.

Since I am ranking well on my own site, I’m…

Should I stop paying for local SEO?

Building a Telegram Community

Does anyone have any tips or bots for growing a telegram community? I am going to be creating an announcements channel with content and want to invite bulk people from other groups who are in the same niche and bring them to the channel.

Any help is m…

Commenting/liking your other accounts pictures? (Followliker)

Hello everyone,

I have a couple niche (fashion, entrepreneurship, & money making) instagram accounts and want the create more engagement on them by having Followliker like & comment on the pictures. Is this possible? If so, would you suggest I only have the same niche accounts comment/like or all of them?

I have looked, but didn’t see any threads about this and tried multiple settings but it seems like it’s commenting and liking pictures of the main accounts I scrape users from.

If anyone…

Commenting/liking your other accounts pictures? (Followliker)

[HELP] Configure Scrapebox with regex for scrape mails

Hi Again!!!! @loopline, I’ve bought the scrapebox (really was bought by a friend hahah but i work with his proyect). now I want extract mails from some urls.

I’ve used this expression


All work nice, but the problem is that captured things like this: “le me at</p>”

Note: when I’ve tested the regular expression in regex101 (online tester), all work nice, i dont understand about why scrapebox save tags and…

[HELP] Configure Scrapebox with regex for scrape mails

Upwork is no longer Elance and Odesk?

Have you encountered the same way? This website is tough on accepting freelancer profile, I did constant revisions of my profile, but it leads to nothing. Any one here who are good in creating profile on Upwork then sell it to me. I need only affordabl…