How to go from broke to $200 a day [eCommerce]

I’m just an average guy. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment with my wife and pets. I live on about 3k a month between 2 individuals. Ive got 2 car loans, 5 credit cards (2 of them maxed out), and in total about 30k in debt. Theres hardly any money left after paying bills every 2 weeks. This is my life. This is almost the same life with the people around me too. Being from a small town, people dont usually have aspirations or dreams. They either follow their fathers footsteps or go to college,…

How to go from broke to $200 a day [eCommerce]

Long Content Ranks Better – myth – lie – bullshit – truth ?

Just came to a curiousity, where some of the shitties 350 word plain-html expired domains outranks the target site with 2500 words content …

as, this aint the only thing I seen over dozens of months, that made me think about creating a poll.

Well, this curious concept from the notorious seocopypastergurubullshitbloggerworld still holds ground for years.

As a firm first hand experiencer with a personal trackrecord over a quadrupal of niches of this “myth” being utter bullshit, I’d…

Long Content Ranks Better – myth – lie – bullshit – truth ?

accidently brought botted YT channel… am I in trouble?

i brought a channel w/ 30k subs for $120. it had 150k lifetime views. upon closer inspection, it’s pretty clear that the views and comments are botted. from the outside looking in, the subs seem to be dripping in a realistic way

the vids have been up since july and adsense is good. no strikes. Can i set the botted vids to private? Will youtube terminate me? thanks.

Case Study: 301 Strong Domain > / of Moneysite – good Idea?

I came to aquire some Ur25/DR44 RD160 project with clean history and clean anchors after some heavy bargaining and thought: OK, what to try with that baby, what I havent done stupid things in the past?

So I thought: let me try this “link juice concept!!”

I got some moneysite with a ton of money keywords sitting on page 2, and I will do a simple 301 of the project > moneysites /.

the / has NO keyword to be ranking for as it is a review site, just the subpages should be ranking .

Let’s see…

Case Study: 301 Strong Domain > / of Moneysite – good Idea?

Domain name

Do you think a domain with a dash ( – ) is wrong for seo? And should it be pertinent to the keywords you use?

How to optimize a facebook ad promoting a gig

So for exemple i want to promote a gig selling cheap youtube views with facebook ads , i’ve made my first campaign and spent 3 euro , got 8 click but no sale so far only one guy comment identifying his friend . How to know what to do to get more click and attract the right audience ?