Backlinks building + article writing

I need a person with good reputation to write me 1-2 article per week ( duration 6- 8 weeks), and post them to relevant niche website with good DA PA (30+).

Articles must be unique and min 1000 words.

Theme: playground for children ( more details up…

Facebook Page Question: Adsense or Ogads?

So basically I have a facebook page with 13k+ likes and I plan on boosting my posts. Would it be more profitable to make my own website and put ads on it and boost the articles or boost things on Ogads to hopefully get someone to buy an item and I get profit from the sale? I’m new to trying to make money online so any information given is very helpful and appreciated.

SEO IS DEAD! Prove me wrong if you can! (Hint: You can’t)

The thing that majority of people don’t understand is that you are competing against a multibillion-dollar company with employees working 24/7 to do what is profitable for the company.

SEO will no longer be a *profession* and something you can do easily to get traffic. Start saving up to spend dollars buying little traffic from Google AdWords in near future.

The biggest threat to SEO and online marketing is AI (Artifical Intelligence)
I won’t…

SEO IS DEAD! Prove me wrong if you can! (Hint: You can’t)

Need Help

How can I be approved on sport,movie,books affiliate network. I need help please. network name list Can anyone help me

Facebook account has been closed / HELP

I am joining from Turkey ,

My Facebook account is disabled , I want to open my account as soon as possible The budget is $ 150 Communication that has knowledge in this matter , can you help me please . I have a ID and a license.

Contact :


Sending 40k emails a day no conversions what’s wrong

After a lot of searching I found a way to send unlimited emails daily and for free without paying a single $ believe or not those emails land in inbox but no conversions yesterday for example I sent 40k emails about 8k emails were opned less than 20 clicks no conversions I don’t know what I’m doing wrong Maybe CPA are not working with e-mails